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The real quality of the aromatized olive oils

Diverse flavoured olive oils were compared for composition. Differentiated effects were observed and corroborated by chemometrics but garlic and oregano decreased the formation of primary oxidation products.


Counterfeiting in the wine sector, growing phenomenon but without statistical

The report comes from France with a voluminous paper prepared by Eric Przyswa. The real risk for the future is represented by China, where today 25% are counterfeit bottles of high-end European


New olive oil quality standards to be introduced in California

The standards, which are based on scientific research at the UC Davis Olive Center, are unique to California production will establish a more stringent limit for free fatty acids, a negative attribute that signals a breakdown of olive oil quality due to exposure to heat, light and oxygen

Characterization of antioxidant enzymes and peroxisomes of olive fruits

In olive fruit tissue the presence of a battery of antioxidant enzymes was demonstrated, including catalase, four superoxide dismutase isozymes

Wine only protects against cardiovascular disease in people who exercise

Some retrospective studies have found that wine increases levels of HDL, the "good" cholesterol. But until now there has been no long-term, prospective, randomised study comparing the effects of red and white wine on HDL cholesterol and other markers of atherosclerosis

Prions can trigger stuck wine fermentations

A chronic problem in winemaking is “stuck fermentation,” when yeast that should be busily converting grape sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide prematurely shuts down, leaving the remaining sugar to instead be consumed by bacteria that can spoil the wine

Synthetic particles as contaminants in German beers

A total of 24 German beer brands was analysed for the contents of microplastic fibres, fragments and granular material. In all cases contamination was found

Buffets of highly processed foods like sugar and flour made rats ignore normal cues to stop eating when full

Foods high in easily-digestible calories (typically processed foods) act like supernormal stimuli, and the flavors associated with them become hyperpalatable and easy to overconsume

China bought less olive oil in past months. Why?

European Union countries supply 90% of China’s imports. Imports of virgin olive oil have recorded season-on-season growth, increasing their share from 82% in 2010/11 to 84% in 2011/12 and 88% in 2012/13

Quality of U.S. diet shows modest improvement, but overall remains poor

Trend from 1999-2010 also shows widening disparities in diet quality between rich and poor

Influence of olive oil on carotenoid absorption from tomato juice

LDL and total cholesterol levels decrease significantly after the consumption of tomato juice with olive oil and the postprandial absorption of lycopene isomers in plasma increases

In dry soil and hight temperatures the organisms react more sensitive to marketable pesticides

Dry soil and at enhanced temperatures: both conditions may occur more often in the future due to climate change. Singularly and combined these factors lower the toxicity threshold of fungicides for springtails

Flaxseed oil is not more health than olive oil

Olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fat and bioactive components. Flaxseed oil is rich in α-linolenic n-3 fatty acid, which also exhibits anti-inflammatory effects. How is the best?

Globalization threatens benefits of an African ‘green revolution’

The term “green revolution” typically describes the use of agricultural innovations – such as the development of new seeds – to increase yields, particularly in developing countries

More action needed to move away from market-distorting farm support, says OECD

OECD Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2014 finds that support to producers in 2013 amounted to 18% of gross farm receipts, down slightly from 2012 and compared with around 30% two decades ago

Food prices continue to drops to four-year low

FAO's monthly food price index registered another drop in August, continuing a 5-month downward run and reaching its lowest level since September 2010

Extra virgin olive oil against arthritis

The scientific results support the interest of natural diet components in the development of therapeutic products for arthritic conditions

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19 september 2014
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