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Forecasts for olive oil production in the campaign 2015/16

For the second year olive oil world production will be lower than the demand. Spain and Italy recovered but do not shine. Tunisia will face a campaign halved. Greek smiles. The forecast indicate possible tensions on prices

Women with moderate beer consumption run lower risk of heart attack

Women who drink beer at most once or twice per week run a 30% lower risk of heart attack, compared with both heavy drinkers and women who never drink beer. The study shows also a statistically significant connection between high consumption of spirits and an almost 50% higher risk of dying of cancer

Capsaicin in chili peppers could help kill cancer cells

The study showed that capsaicin lodges in the membranes near the surface. Add enough of it, and the capsaicin essentially causes the membranes to come apart

Sensory intensity assessment of olive oils using an electronic tongue

Extra virgin olive oil fruitiness, bitterness and pungency sensations evaluated by a sensory panel and then by electronic tongue. This instrument allows differentiating olive oils with different sensory intensities, and could be used as a preliminary, complementary and practical tool for panelists during olive oil sensory analysis

Refined carbohydrates and saturated fat are unhealthful

Only those who replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats or whole grains lower their heart disease risk. It's sufficient to replace 5% of energy intake from saturated fats with equivalent energy intake from either polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, or carbohydrates from whole grains

The health benefits of garlic: proven health and beauty boosts

Garlic is the biggest jewel in the crown of all medicinal herbs. It prevents colds and shortens their duration, enhances exercise ability, is a therapy for hair loss, prevents arthritis and lung cancer and lowers blood pressure

European Union offers Tunisia increase of olive oil exports

The European Commission has adopted a legislative proposal offering additional temporary access for Tunisian olive oil to the EU market to help support Tunisia's recovery in the difficult period being faced by the country

The mycorrhizal fungi to decrease the amounts of fertilizers

While mycorrhizal fungi typically only grow on the roots of plants, recent bio-technological breakthroughs now allow scientists to produce massive quantities of the fungus that can be suspended in high concentrations in a gel for easy transportation

Ukraine and Russia in the sunoil market: competitors or partners?

The 2013/14 season saw sunseed records in Ukraine and Russia. Both countries harvested bumper total sunseed crops and are processing them at a record pace: a combined almost 6.6 MMT of sunoil has been produced in Ukraine and Russia this season

Olive oil consumption continues to increase

Good news from Japan. US imports remain stable after seeing decreases in March and April followed by increases in May and June. Imports by China likewise hold steady

United Kingdom people like to buy wine on line

Still light wine also had a strong quarter, with volumes up 8% and value up 10%, a welcome boost for the wine industry where sales continue to be tough across the more established on- and off-trade channels.

How to increase wheat yield during drought in rainfed environments

Researchers investigated the use of film-forming antitranspirants, which are emulsions of wax or latex that reduce water loss through transpiration, by forming a thin film on foliage

Italian olive oils need protection from mislabelling

Edmund Mach Foundation finds all the imported Tunisian olive oils were found to be of poor quality. IRMS and H-NMR are powerful techniques for verifying claims of origin

The business of farming: Agribusiness Congress East Africa

The business of farming, the effect of climate change in agriculture and attracting young people to the agri-sector are some of the main topics on the agenda at the annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa

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02 october 2015
Andria (Italy) -4,59%
Greece -1,30%
Picual (Spain) -2,50%
Refined olive oil -4,17%
Tunisia -1,32%
Pomance olive oil -2,70%

by Marcello Scoccia

Panel leader ONAOO


Georgofili Aifo Pandolea Onaoo Airo