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Mediterranean Diet cuts heart disease risk by nearly half

Adults who closely followed the Mediterranean diet were 47% less likely to develop heart disease over a 10-year period compared to similar adults who did not closely follow the diet

"Jailbreaking" yeast could increase wine's health benefits

University of Illinois scientists have engineered a “jailbreaking” yeast that could greatly increase the health benefits of wine while reducing the toxic byproducts that cause your morning-after headache

Analysis of mid infrared spectra for identification of olive oil defects

MIR combined with multivariate analysis to identify main defects in olive oil. Instrumental analysis distinguish extra virgin from lower quality olive oils

Faster heart rate linked to diabetes risk

An association between resting heart rate and diabetes suggests that heart rate measures could identify individuals with a higher future risk of diabetes

Potassium is an essential macronutrient for olive tree

The overall impact of potassium and sodium nutrition plays down any indirect effect on stomatal limitation and rather demonstrates the centrality of these elements in photochemical processes of photosynthesis and photoprotection in olive tree

Benefits of alcohol consumption differ by blacks and whites

Although moderate alcohol consumption appears to lower mortality risk among whites, it may not have the same protective effect among blacks, and its potential benefits also may vary by gender

How much salt to conserve table olives?

For treated olives the minimum sodium chloride (salt) content is 5.0% in both standards and for other types of olives it is even higher

Lycopene may ward off kidney cancer in older women

A higher intake by postmenopausal women of the natural antioxidant lycopene, found in foods like tomatoes, watermelon and papaya, may lower the risk of renal cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer

European Parliament demand action to halt spread of Xylella fastidiosa

Xylella fastidiosa is of highly dangerous immediate threat to production, especially in southern Europe. Welcome EU import restrictions on plants from affected areas in third countries. They also urge that growers be compensated for their losses, and suggest stepping up funding for research to combat the bacteria, which may attack other plants

Over 97% of foods in EU contain pesticide residues within legal limits

Compared with the results for 2010, when the same food products, excluding wine, were tested, the percentage of samples exceeding the legal limits has fallen for all food products tested

Extracts from leftover coffee grounds are full of antioxidants

High levels of phenols in coffee grounds. They have the potential to serve as additives to enhance the potential health effects of other food products

Olive oil imports increase in Russia, decrease in China

Russian imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil grew at a constant rate between 2000/01 and 2013/14. Aggregate imports into China recorded strong growth from 2001/02 until 2011/12 but in 2012/13 and 2013/14 imports decreased

Global state of conditions report: wine developments and trends

Global wine consumption in 2014, estimated at 240 millions of hectolitres, dropped slightly by 2.4 millions of hectolitres compared with 2013, within an overall context of stabilisation since 2009

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22 may 2015
Andria (Italy) -0,83%
Greece 0,82%
Picual (Spain) 0,54%
Refined olive oil 0,63%
Tunisia 4,55%
Pomance olive oil 0,00%

by Marcello Scoccia

Panel leader ONAOO


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