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Olive oil used in Israel 8,000 years ago, as discovered in an antiquities site in the Lower Galilee

Ianir Milevski and Nimrod Getzov of the Israel Antiquities Authority methodically sampled pottery vessels found in the excavation at Ein Zippori in the Lower Galilee in order to ascertain what was stored in them and how they were used by the site’s ancient inhabitants

Parliament backs opt-out for European member states while GMOs with health benefits have large market potential

New legislation to allow EU member states to restrict or ban the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms  on their own territory. Genetically modified crops with an increased vitamin and/or mineral content have large potential to improve public health, but their availability for consumers is still hampered, as a result of the negative public opinion

Comparative field studies of Bactrocera oleae baits in olive orchards

Hydrolysed protein mixed with a-cypermethin indicated the highest attractiveness. The residual attractiveness of bait spraying solutions is limited over time

The colour of the mug influences the taste of the coffee

The cup in which the coffee is served may affect us as a function of our perception of the general properties of the cup

New Zealand wineries increase profitability again in 2014

This run comes despite concerns over the impact of oversupply, high levels of external debt, the financial crisis and the turbulent bulk market

Xylella fastidiosa: risk to EU plants assessed

Xylella fastidiosa has affected more than 300 species of cultivated and wild plants in the world and is transmitted by certain types of sap-sucking hopper insects

FAO food price index drops in December

2014 is third consecutive year of falling prices as all commodity groups except for meat decline

How much should cost extra virgin olive oil?

Commissioned and supervised by the management of the International Olive Council, this international study has been led by two experts with a solid track record in the subject area, José María Penco and Juan Vilar, who have drafted the study and its conclusions

Crops can do their own weed control

Research from the University of Copenhagen now suggests that the war on weeds can be conducted more sustainably by asjusting sowing patterns and crop density

Chitosan, a sustainable alternative for food packaging

A research group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has used a material known as chitosan, made from crustacean shells, to substitute petroleum by-products

Dietary restriction is best known for its ability to slow aging in laboratory animals

Molecular mechanism behind health benefits of dietary restriction identified. The investigators also found that genes involved in H2S production were also required for longevity benefits of dietary restriction in other organisms, including yeast, worms, and flies

Study links common human protein to adverse parasitic worm infections

UC Riverside-led research could lead to new therapies for parasitic worm infections currently afflicting an estimated two billion people worldwide

To trigger body’s energy-burning brown fat, just chill

Those who overindulged during the holidays may want to get a shot of cold air to kick-start some extra fat-burning activity for the new year

California Olive Ranch acquires Lucini Italia Olive Oil

The combined share makes them the fourth largest brand in the country with 4.45 % of US retail sales. The combined company will have revenues in excess of $80,000,000 in 2015

Healthy diet associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes

As minority women are at higher absolute risk for type 2 diabetes, benefit of healthy diet may be greater compared with white women

Ambitious agriculture
Elisabeth Truss

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