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How extra virgin olive oil can help our bones?

The incidence of osteoporosis and associated fractures is found to be lower in countries where the Mediterranean diet is predominant. These observations might be mediated by the active constituents of olive oil and especially phenolic compounds

The health effects of red wine. How to prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases?

The chemical resveratrol found in grape skins and in red wine may prevent cancer. With hard alcohol that’s the end of the story: increased risk for head and neck cancer due to increased production of acetyl aldehyde

Olive stones flour as reinforcement in polypropylene composites

Olive stone flour from solid-waste was used as reinforcement polypropylene composite. Composite with filler loading up to 70% was prepared using a melt processing

Fructose increases the desire for food

The brain responds differently to two kinds of sugar. The study suggests that fructose heightens the response of brain reward circuits to food cues, promoting feeding behavior.

Turning olive oil waste into energy to benefit rural economies

EU-funded researchers are converting olive oil waste into heat and electricity to facilitate cost-effective and sustainable agricultural production

Spirit sales outlook remains stable

In developed markets sales of carbonated soft drinks and mainstream beers will remain under pressure, while in emerging markets' sales volumes will grow modestly in all drinks categories

Can organic crops compete with industrial agriculture?

A systematic overview of more than 100 studies comparing organic and conventional farming finds that the crop yields of organic agriculture are higher than previously thought. The study, conducted by UC Berkeley researchers, also found that certain practices could further shrink the productivity gap between organic crops and conventional farming

EU countries get more latitude on the cultivation o f GMOs

The draft directive reflects an agreement reached between the Italian presidency and representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission on 3 December

Erectile dysfunction patients with poor diets have more vascular and cardiac damage

Erectile dysfunction is not a symptom of ageing, it is a bad sign from the body that something is wrong with the vasculature. In 80% of cases erectile dysfunction is caused by vascular problems and is a warning that patients are at increased risk of a heart attack or stroke

Asaja defends the supply of olive oil "without undue price pressures"

After the record 2013-14 campaign where more than 1.7 million tons were produced in Spain, nearly 752,000 in Jaén, is expected to harvest is "very short" with 780,000 tons in all the country and 270,000 in the province

World olive oil balances for 2013/14 and 2014/15

World olive oil consumption for the 2014/15 crop year is forecast to total 2823500 tonns. This would be 7% lower than the season before. The latest estimates supplied by countries point to a 27% drop in world olive oil production, forecast at 2393000 tonns, compared with the season before

Over 97% of foods in European Union contain pesticide residues within legal limits

The report is based on the analysis of almost 79,000 food samples carried out by 27 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway

New insights into the origins of agriculture could help shape the future of food

Agricultural decisions made by our ancestors more than 10,000 years ago could hold the key to food security in the future, according to new research by the University of Sheffield

A new great-tasting, high-nutrient red potato variety: AmaRosa

The most-eaten U.S. vegetable, phytonutrient-rich potatoes can have a strong impact on human health

The Turkish extra virgin olive to 3.5 euro per liter threatens exports

Olive growers and bottlers are launching the same warning: the risk is to lose market share in the United States, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Called for government intervention

Global Forum on Agriculture 2014

Recent work has clarified the role of different policy options, including the role of trade, in food security

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19 december 2014
Andria (Italy) -1,67%
Greece 0,00%
Picual (Spain) -6,25%
Refined olive oil 0,00%
Tunisia 0,00%
Pomance olive oil 0,00%

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