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Professional EVOO Sommelier. Olive oil, wine, cooking classes and relax in Tuscany

A 5 day professional training course, immerse yourself in the flavours, scents and beauty the magnificent Val d’Orcia in the heart of Tuscany

S. C.

Compounds in dark chocolate can improve circulation and aid patients

Polyphenols could yield small benefit for people with PAD. The compounds found in cocoa and other foods may help people with peripheral artery disease walk a little longer and farther before pain sets in


R. T.

Acrylamide in food potentially increases the risk of developing cancer

Coffee, fried potato products, biscuits, crackers and crisp breads, soft bread and certain baby foods are important dietary sources of acrylamide

S. C.

Calabria history and stories in ancient olive trees

This south Italia Region is not famous only for sea ancd beaches but also for olive oil. In Aspromonte you can see olive trees planted by the Normans, then belonged to the various baronies and again to the Aragonese and the Bourbons

Rosario Franco

High CO2 levels cause warming in the tropics

Higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause warming not only at high latitudes but also across tropical regions

S. C.

Sugar can is the future of the biofuel crops

New research demonstrates the high carbon costs of converting intact Brazilian savanna compared to the carbon gains obtained from converting underutilized pastureland for biofuel crops

R. T.

The influence of the artistic visual presentation of food on the dining experience

The use of artistic (visual) influences can enhance a diner’s rating of the flavour of a dish. These results are consistent with previous findings, suggesting that visual display of a food can influence both a person’s expectations and their subsequent experience of a dish

R. T.

Ancient parasite suggests human technology contributed to spread of diseases

The discovery of a schistosomiasis parasite egg in a 6,200-year-old grave at a prehistoric town by the Euphrates River in Syria may be the first evidence that agricultural irrigation systems in the Middle East contributed to disease burden.

S. C.

Nanomaterials in food and drinks could interfere with digestive cells

Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks are likely to reach environment, say scientist.  Consumers might absorb some of these materials through their skin, and inhale and ingest them. What doesn’t get digested is passed in urine and feces to the sewage system

S. C.

Going gluten-free can remove nutrients from diet

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. People who have the autoimmune disease, celiac disease, experience a toxic immune response when they ingest gluten and should eliminate gluten from their diets

S. C.

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