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New poll finds diabetes top health concern for Latino families

Nearly one in five (19%) Latinos said diabetes is the biggest health problem facing their families

S. C.

Boosting vitamin D could reduce severity of multiple sclerosis

Vitamin D as an early predictor of multiple sclerosis activity and progression. Low vitamin D levels are common and can be easily and safely increased by oral supplementation

S. C.

Beverage industry must adapt to slower growth

For 2014, expectations for BRICs are more subdued with expected growth of 3.8% in 2014 compared to 3% globally

S. C.

Nature Galapagos welcomes the newest mammal of Ecuador: Olinguito

Nikolay Mancheno, one of the leading tour operators located in Quito, Ecuador happily welcomed the discovery of the smallest member of Raccoon family. The mammal – Olinguito (pronounced O-lin-GHEE-to) is found in Andean cloud forests in Ecuador and western parts of Columbia

S. C.

A new Christmas story is making its way to the Internet

It appears as if a new story details the idea that Santa may have a twin brother – one who makes toys just for the 'bad' girls and boys. This story might not have been believed by many, but new photos from a recent Antarctica cruise suggests there is a structure that looks like a toy workshop

S. C.

January events & deals in the lakes region of New Hampshire

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season passes, the Lakes Region of New Hampshire remains a wonderful destination for those seeking winter sports adventure, unique shopping or relaxing weekend getaways

S. C.

Consumers like more healthy or taste biscuits?

Consumers expected that they would like the olive and sunflower oil biscuits with low fat contents the most, although when they tasted the biscuits these samples obtained the lowest liking scores

Graziano Alderighi

Brasil imports every year more olive oil

Growth has been continuous in recent years but has become more pronounced since
2006/07. Now 73% of imports are virgin olive oils

R. T.

More fiber and less fat for healthy cakes

Scientists have found a way to increase the fiber content of white layer cake and cake mix by replacing some of the flour with finely ground corn bran


Countries are less self-sufficient in foodstuff

Sufficient food is available for increasing numbers of people, but at the same time, the dependence of countries on international trade in foodstuffs has increased considerably in 40 years

R. T.

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