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Modernization in least developed countries requires economic diversification and more jobs

Subtitled Growth with Structural Transformation: A Post-2015 Development Agenda, the Report says policy proposals must go beyond those aimed at large-scale urban manufacturing to embrace measures for agricultural upgrading and rural economic diversification

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Prehistoric farming on the roof of the world

Animal teeth, bones and plant remains have helped researchers from Cambridge, China and America to pinpoint a date for what could be the earliest sustained human habitation at high altitude

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How to avoid foodborne illness over the holidays

This is the time of year when we gather to feast on roasted turkey, stuffing and other fixings. For many, it will be the first time they will prepare a holiday dinner, while for others, it will be the latest of many memorable occasions. But those memories should not revolve around foodborne illnes

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Safe food during holidays: 12 things you didn't know

From poultry to pies and sugar to soil, UC scientists are uncovering insights across the food spectrum that can make your holidays healthier, happier and more mindful.

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A novel mechanism causing type 2 diabetes

The researchers demonstrated that by disrupting the ER-mitochondrial interactions and calcium transfer, they could markedly improve the metabolic health of obese diabetic mice

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Low vitamin D levels increase mortality

New research from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital shows that low blood vitamin D levels increase mortality. The study included 96,000 Danes

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Global insecticides market is expected to grow to $16.7 billion by 2020

The Asia-Pacific regional market held over 44% of the total global insecticides' market in terms of value in the year 2013

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Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease

Scientists have found that chlorogenic acid, or CGA, significantly reduced insulin resistance and accumulation of fat in the livers of mice who were fed a high-fat diet

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Interesting facts about our favorite candy

These efforts to explain the science behind jelly beans, licorice, chocolate and other gooey delights are part of National Chemistry Week, Oct. 19-25, an annual event sponsored by the American Chemical Society


Moderate alcohol consumption can protect against coronary heart disease

A new study confirms that moderate alcohol consumption can protect against coronary heart disease. But only for the 15% of the population that have a particular genotype

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Mediterranean diets, with olive oil, improve blood flow

The health benefits of switching to a Mediterranean style diet and upping the amount of time spent exercising for a period of just eight weeks. The study focused on healthy people over the age of 50. Participants were originally assessed over an eight-week period


Biofuels remain an important and growing sector for developing countries

The development of competitive second-generation biofuels, which are made from woody crops, agricultural residues or waste, will pose a number of challenges to developing countries

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Variations in ice sheet height influence global climate

The researchers found that the climate effects in the simulations that considered both freshwater influx and changing topography were not simply the sum of the climate effects of each component considered separately

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New model contract will help protect developing countries from harmful ‘land grabs’

Governments in the developing world now have a powerful new resource to help them negotiate contracts to reduce harmful effects of large-scale land investments

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Pterostilbene, a molecule similar to resveratrol, as a potential treatment for obesity

Pterostilbene is a phenolic compound in the same family as resveratrol and is present in small amounts in a large variety of foods and beverages like blueberries or red wine

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Compound in chili pepper slows lung cancer tumor growth

New laboratory research shows capsaicin decrease growth of an aggressive form of lung cancer. The study was one of over 100 posters presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Annual Research Conference.

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Does it help conservation to put a price on nature?

Assigning an economic value to the benefits which nature provides might not always promote the conservation of biodiversity, and in some cases may lead to species loss and conflict, argues a University of Cambridge researcher

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