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Protein in HDL cholesterol may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension

A rare progressive condition, pulmonary hypertension can affect people of all ages. The disease makes it harder for the heart to pump blood through these vital organs, which can lead to heart failure

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Microalgae: a phytonutrient-rich food

Chlorella and Spirulina are rich in carotenoids that include chlorophyll, phycocyanin, beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin

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Hunger in the world: to boost plant productivity beyond current limits

A new analysis suggests the planet can produce much more land-plant biomass – the total material in leaves, stems, roots, fruits, grains and other terrestrial plant parts – than previously thought


High insulin levels tied to obesity pathway

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified a crucial link between high levels of insulin and pathways that lead to obesity, a finding that may have important implications when treating diabetes

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Professional Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier Course Tuscany Food &Wine Experience

Join us for a 5 day professional training course to study and improve your knowledge & appreciation of olive oil, gastronomy & wine, with degustations and cooking demonstrations, these are the ingredients of our comprehensive course for the aspiring Olive Oil Sommelier

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Home test for detecting potentially dangerous levels of caffeine

Researchers tested an enzyme called caffeine dehydrogenase and found that it could detect caffeine in a variety of drinks, with the exception of teas, within one minute

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A single human gene linked to suicide?

The discovery suggests that changes in a gene involved in the function of the brain’s response to stress hormones plays a significant role in turning what might otherwise be an unremarkable reaction to the strain of everyday life into suicidal thoughts and behaviors

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Not only polyphenols. Even a fatty acid of extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties

Researchers at the University of Jaén have confirmed the presence of nitrooleic acid in three olive varieties. This compound could prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease


New protein structure could help treat Alzheimer’s, related diseases

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, but the research community is one step closer to finding treatment

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Omega-3 fish oil might help protect against alcohol-related neurodamage

Researchers found there was up to 90 percent less neuroinflammation and neuronal death in the brain cells exposed to alcohol plus DHA than in the cells exposed to alcohol alone

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The link between dietary factors and osteoarthritis

Omega 3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish or fish oil supplements, are often touted as “healthy fat” given their heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory properties

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Study reveals economic impact of El Niño

El Niño has a significant impact on the world and local economies - and not always for the worst - and countries should plan ahead to mitigate its effects, according to a new Working Paper from the University of Cambridge

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Apple is a powerful aphrodisiac for young women

Instead than wine, chocolate or chili pepper Italian researchers discovered a regular daily apple intake can boost sexual pleasure in healthy women. The scientists surmised the higher satisfaction may be thanks to the compound phloridzin, present in apples, , stimulating blood flow to the vagina


Farm prices will decrease in the next ten years

Demand for agricultural products is expected to remain firm while expanding at lower rates than in the past decade. Cereals are still at the core of what people eat, but diets are becoming higher in protein, fats and sugar in many parts of the world, as incomes rise and urbanisation increases


Our body's internal biological clock influenced by diet

An internal biological or 'circadian' clock plays an important role in preferred sleep times, times of peak alertness, and the timing of certain physiological processe

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