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The commercial flows of olive oil in the world

OIC releases interesting information about where and how olive oil moves around the world. Italy is around the top of the ladder in exportations, just heeled by Tunisia

Alberto Grimelli

Forestry: safe investment in uncertain times

A stagnant economy in the UK, and the continued crisis in the Eurozone, suggests that woodlands will continue to provide an important diversifier of risk in any investment portfolio for some time to come

S. C.

Herbal supplements more used by consumers

American Botanical Council has disclosed this growth of these products and has cleared that the total sale has increased nearly 1% as comparing the sale of 2007 year

S. C.

How much money to farmers in 2010?

Organization for economic co-operation and development states that the supports are still given in ways that distort production and trade while doing relatively little to improve productivity and competitiveness. Country by country the budget for agricultural aids

Alberto Grimelli

The global sawlog price index reached

Increased consumption of softwood lumber throughout the world has moved sawlog prices to new highs in 2011. The greatest increases over last year’s prices occurring in Latvia, Poland, Japan, Russia and Germany

S. C.

Indian tea market to reach US$ 7.2 Billion by 2016

A new report from Imarc Group expects several factors such as value addition, increasing penetration in the cold beverage segment and rising institutional sales

Ernesto Vania

How can solar photovoltaic systems help reduce energy bills?

After the recession, at a time when the nation is just getting back on its feet, energy bills have been steadily rising

S. C.

Wood fiber costs for the global pulp industry reach new highs in 2011

Wood costs account for about 60 percent of the production costs when manufacturing pulp for paper. According the Wood Resource Quarterly, wood fiber costs have gone up about 25 percent since early 2009

S. C.

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