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The rise in food prices: “Trade is part of the answer, not part of the problem”

Director-General of Wto, Pascal Lamy said that “trade plays or can play a better role in addressing the rise in food prices and tackling food insecurity."

S. C.

Sawlog prices returned to pre-crisis levels

Sawlog costs for many sawmills around the world went up during 2010. The biggest wood price increases occurred in Western US, Germany, Sweden and Northwest Russia

S. C.

No fusion between Sos and Sovena

Just one new partner for the Spanish giant of oil that changes its name: from Sos to Sos Corporacion Alimentaria. With a reduced debt and fresh cash now it wants to conquer the market

R. T.

Trasgenic crops fastest growing sector

The agricultural biotechnology market is expected to hit $12 billion in 2015, driven by improved crop yield and productivity, cost reduction and the development of pest and diseases resistant crops

S. C.

The Italian wine sales are going up

This year the first Wine Index was created by a Credit Institute. Very well the export, in particular toward the Far East, but the sales in Italy are going down

Ernesto Vania

A record bottle for 223,000 euro

An extremely precious Bordeaux won the title of the most expensive wine in the world. It was auction sold by Christiès in Geneva


Climate changes increase food prices

The annual costs of climate change adaptation in developing world agriculture have been estimated by the World Bank at $2.5-2.6 billion per year between 2010 and 2050

S. C.

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