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Biofuels remain an important and growing sector for developing countries

The development of competitive second-generation biofuels, which are made from woody crops, agricultural residues or waste, will pose a number of challenges to developing countries

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New model contract will help protect developing countries from harmful ‘land grabs’

Governments in the developing world now have a powerful new resource to help them negotiate contracts to reduce harmful effects of large-scale land investments

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International prices of food decreased by 6% between April and August 2014

According to Food Price Watch, internationally traded food prices in August 2014 were 6% lower than in August 2013, and 21% below their historical peak in August 2012

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Demand for dark chocolate in India grows

Demand for dark chocolate, the fastest growing segment in India's chocolate industry, is expected to drive the industry from 58 billion in 2014 to 122 billion by 2019

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Exports of Spanish olive oil reaches one million tons

Half of the exports are to Italian and Portuguese bottlers but the trade with Spanish brands is growing. Now the Iberian country is first in the United States, China and Japan

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Food prices continue to drops to four-year low

FAO's monthly food price index registered another drop in August, continuing a 5-month downward run and reaching its lowest level since September 2010

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Demand for Zinc in agriculture grows to exceed 9 Billion by 2050

Zinc key to increasing crop yields for agricultural use, as well as in automotive tire production, and paints, coatings, glass and construction materials

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Spanish farmers protest for Deoleo sale to CVC Partners

The offer of CVC Partners was too tempting because the banks could refuse, despite the ill-concealed moans coming from Dcoop and the major associations

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To pay more to like more food

Study shows customers who pay more at a restaurant buffet perceive the food as tastier than the same food offered at a lower price, shedding new light on the psychology of taste

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Global market for anti-aging to be worth USD 191.7 billion by 2019

The anti-aging market is poised for a healthy compounded annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2013 and 2019

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