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Food prices decline but remain high

In 2013, new Bank Group commitments to agriculture and related sectors were $8 billion. The Food Price Index in October 2013 was 12 percent lower than a year ago and 16 percent below the all-time peak in August 2012

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Oxfam files shareholder resolution urging PepsiCo to address land grabs

Coca-Cola has already identified these risks and made promises to address them. The question investors should ask is: why is PepsiCo so far behind?

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Organic food market in India set for incessant growth

Increasing retail and online presence of organic food stores, growing demand from international market and rising health consciousness are anticipated to spur the demand for organic foods in India

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U.S.-Japan partnership in organic trade

United States and Japan formed a partnership that will recognize the two organic programs as equivalent and allow access to each other's markets

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Japanese beer market in-depth analysis

The beer market in Japan is dominated by four national players and one regional player.
Health benefits and ‘healthiness’ have been key trends in the commercial beverage market for years.

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Japan and China imported 83% of traded hardwood

North American wood pellet exports reached a new record of over one million tons in first month of this year. There has been a steady growth in shipments from both the US and Canada the past few years, mainly as a result of the continued increase in demand for pellets in the United Kingdom

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Commercial battle EU - China: wine sector hopes after solar panel agreement

In the last days of July, European Commission and Chinese autorities has reached a preliminary agreement over imports of Chinese solar panels. Wine industry now hopes

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People like to buy wine in duty free shops

Wine and spirits sales reached 29.1 million cases in 2012, up 4% from 2011, according to the IWSR Duty Free/Travel Retail Summary Report 2013

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Consumers get fruity as flavoured drinks trend worldwide

Whether flavouring strong spirits, wines or low-alcohol drinks, consumers are favouring fresh and light fruit flavours, according to findings in the new IWSR Insight Report 2013.

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Asia-Pacific buys global spirits growth as Europe falls

China alone now accounts for 38% of global spirits consumption, and India 9.8%

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