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Demand for olive oil in emerging markets grows

Emerging markets that hold the greatest potential for the olive oil industry posting an impressive 13% growth rate over the last five years and looks set to continue

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Russian and Chinese investors in search of oil mills

In Spain the situation is so critical that olive-oil producers are closing or failing due to a price of olive oil that is on the increase again. Sprout so the birds of prey of international finance


Wine prices inching up in US restaurants

Family dining and white-tablecloth segments are taking the biggest increases, also showing a price increase were white-tablecloth establishments, posting a substantial 5.35% average price increase

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New measures for international food trade

The WTO’s World Trade Report 2012 has identified SPS measures among non-tariff barriers that are having an increasing impact on trade

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Global metal packaging market to be worth $102.1bn in 2013

The metal packaging market is forecast by visiongain to record continuous growth over the next decade

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Brazil wants extra virgin olive oil

In the last crop year the imports of olive oil by country of South America grow 9%, reaching 71004 tons. This rise has been constant in last years

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United States and Chine olive oil markets

Not only extra virgin olive oil, 30% of imports in US are olive oil. United States consumes more olive oil than China that import only 5% olive oil and 11% olive pomance oil

Graziano Alderighi

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