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Two far-sighted entrepreneurs, two successful companies

Important olive oil companies supported and tilled culture. In the past as today our two sponsors decided to invest, permitting to grow ideas, thoughts, dreams

We begin this project alone, with a lot of ideas for a new important rural monthly magazine.
A free magazine.
Free because readers don’t pay anything for our news and free because we haven’t any political conditioning.
To create a similar magazine we need a support and we found two far-sighted entrepreneurs who decided to invest on ours, on our work, leaving us full freedom about editorial policy.
We thank them and we have decided to present their companies.


The True Taste of Nature
Over the years, the Manca family has demonstrated a great appreciation for the work of the land, and has created a farming business that ranges from the cultivation of olive trees, to the production of San Giuliano extra-virgin olive oil, and from the brand-new “Monte Sixeri” agro-tourism center to livestock rearing. The San Giuliano Estates are living proof of how technology can go hand-in-hand with a development model based on quality, taste and environmental sustainability.

The Olive Groves
The Estate groves, spread out in various area locations, cover a total of about 600 acres:

- On the San Giuliano hills, where the oil mill stands today, the olive trees find an ideal eco-climate in perfect harmony between the sea and the hillside, one of the best exposures in the area for the production of prime quality Bosana olives. Here, the olive groves are tended more like gardens, always perfectly clean and neat, where fertilization is done with natural substances, as is parasite control.

- The area of Monte Sixeri, a little corner of paradise to the north of Alghero, is home to a newly planted olive grove. The geo-climatic features of this area mean that the fruits of these Bosana and Semidana ‘cultivars’ or ‘olive types’ boast characteristics that are quite unique.

- Other magnificent olive groves are located to the south of the town of Alghero, near the beautiful scenic road leading to Bosa, and facing one of the last uncontaminated stretches of the Mediterranean coastline. These olive groves, just like the others on the Estates, are true examples of quality cultivation and of the great care taken in maintaining the areas whose names bring to mind the Catalan tradition, still so deeply rooted in present-day Alghero: Vessus, Rumbos, Fangal, Caragol, Pollina, to name just a few.

The Mill
Located in northwestern Sardinia, the oil processing plant is surrounded by hundreds of acres of olive groves. It sits atop the San Giuliano hills overlooking the fabulous Bay of Porto Conte. The facility is modern and technologically advanced, but the Manca family, owner of San Giuliano for nearly a century, has preserved the old milling traditions that have characterized its activity since the late 1800s. The product is conserved in a protected atmosphere, to allow for the preservation over time of the positive components that distinguish extra-virgin olive oils, such as the antioxidants and vitamin E. A constant monitoring of the fruits, and the final product, guarantees an excellent quality.


Olitalia, founded in 1983, grows within the Cremonini Group, distributing its products starting from catering and then to retail. Since then, Olitalia has developed a large and well-organised range of oil specialities.
An international company that stands behind every valued individual client, with a modern technology, truthful knowledge, and caring support. We are fully dedicated to our overall strategic plan, which is to help our customers worldwide, maintain and improve their Olitalia brand sales results.

Having succeeded in its aim of becoming the Italian Olive Oil brand most distributed in the world and one of the largest edible oil companies in Europe, Olitalia's vision is the entire world.
To date the company has secured a presence in more than 123 countries across the five continents with Italy as its base.

Production and quality control: a complete warranty
In the very modern Olitalia laboratory the product is assessed every day to assure quality, making a lot of tests, and these tests regard several parameters such as: Quality:
The analytical values connected with quality are checked, and above all the organoleptic controls are made. Every day a group of eight people make tests on smell and taste, and the results classify the organoleptic characteristics of every edible oil. The group is leaded by Angelo and Camillo Cremonini, both professional tasters, and regional delegates of ONAOO (National Organisation of the Olive Oil Tasters).

- “Il Tradizionale”:
- Extra Virgin Dop: Olitalia "Le Cultivar" Extra Virgin Olive Oils exalt the tradition and the typicality of Italian oils, offering to the consumers the chance to appreciate the extraordinary variety of tastes and flavours that the whole world envies, together with the security and the quality guaranteed by European certifications.
The "Cultivar" are species of olive typical of certain areas of Italy: each region has its own, with features due to the specific quality of land and climate. "I Regionali" is a line of products that offers shades of colours ranging from straw yellow to green, featuring flavours such as fresh olive, fruits and vegetables, intense and delicate fragrances.
Olitalia "I Regionali" is the obvious manifestation of the excellence of Italian flavours, and represents the opportunity to satisfy the requirements of consumers who are paying great attention to the quality and genuineness of their food.

- “Oro 100% Italian”: from the new crop, the best 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vibrantly fresh, green and full of flavour ORO delights the senses. Pour it into a white bowl, experience the colour, the aroma and the flavour. Dip your fresh bread, dress your salad, pour it onto hot vegetables or soup and enjoy! It has been selected by Giuseppe Cremonini in person, the bottles are numbered because of their limited quantity.

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