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Robert Parker Wine Advocate brings matter of taste tour to New York City

Global series of exclusive wine experiences to feature top rated wines from around the world on Saturday, February 20, 2016

S. C.

Music can change the making food

Is importat to cook with music? What kind of music in the kitchen? One of the main problems are how to motivate the staff who will likely be working a long shift

R. T.

Global Sushi Challenge 2015

Singapore search for top sushi chef for international competition. A showcase of techniques that ensure safe and high quality sushi

S. C.

Noise and its impact on the perception of food and drink

Noise is currently the second most common complaint amongst restaurant-goers, behind poor service. In fact, over the last decade or two, many restaurants have become so loud that some critics now regularly report on the noise levels alongside the quality of the food


Researchers teach us why you need a delicate extra virgin olive oil for mayonnaise

In recipes, often, it is not recommended to use only extra virgin olive oil for the mayonnaise. The use of olive oils significantly affected both droplet size and distribution. The changes in the properties could be related to the content of polyphenols of the oils

Graziano Alderighi

The influence of the artistic visual presentation of food on the dining experience

The use of artistic (visual) influences can enhance a diner’s rating of the flavour of a dish. These results are consistent with previous findings, suggesting that visual display of a food can influence both a person’s expectations and their subsequent experience of a dish

R. T.

Porky & Friends, Italian artisan cured meats production & food experience

Italian cured meats, smallgoods or charcuterie are known as Salumi and include delicacies such as: Prosciutto, Speck, Culatello, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino, Porchetta. All a gastronomic success story


Fruits stay fresh with new freezing method

A unique method of freezing vegetables and fruit that keeps cells alive has been developed, and patented, at Lund University in Sweden. The researchers say that within a year, fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables could be available in the middle of winter

S. C.

Grassroots tastings 2014

Easy-listening stories about wines and their territories as told by native enthusiasts.
At Magazzini del Cotone, as part of TerroirVino

S. C.

Customers prefer restaurants that offer nutrition facts and healthful foods

Customers are more likely to frequent restaurants that provide both healthful foods and nutrition information, according to researchers at Penn State and the University of Tennessee

S. C.

How to create the ultimate veggie burger

A group of engineering students at Lund University in Sweden noticed there was a rather lacklustre range of veggie burgers available in supermarkets, despite a growing demand for green products. And sure enough - too many additives, no flavour, and no texture, were common complaints they came across when they asked consumers

S. C.

Extra virgin olive oil, a key player in Trieste with Olio Capitale

In the splendid setting of the Stazione Marittima from 7 to 10 March, the eighth edition of the
Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exhibition

S. C.

More fiber and less fat for healthy cakes

Scientists have found a way to increase the fiber content of white layer cake and cake mix by replacing some of the flour with finely ground corn bran


Better margarine or olive oil to cook cakes?

Hedonic sensory tests were also conducted revealing that the cake prepared with extra virgin olive oil/margarine mixture was highly appreciated by the consumers


Paleo cookies in a modern world

The Paleo diet has grown gradually into one of the most popular diets. The diet is based on the cuisine of our Paleolithic ancestors

S. C.

Why lobster shells turn red during cooking?

The condition doesn’t harm humans, but decreases the commercial value of lobsters by disfiguring the crustaceans’ shells

S. C.

Food cultures and traditions: East meets West

Pasta and parantha: Is there a connection? Delve into the histories of Indian and Italian kitchens and you’ll be surprised at the culinary parallels

Anoothi Vishal

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