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Wine vinegar: what a healthy drink!

The components of vinegar can be described as restorative, healthy and invigorating. Most of us use it but very few of us know its characteristics. The best ones among vinegars show equilibrium, smoothness, body and strong acidity

Luigi Caricato

White sauces and dark sauces. With which extra virgin oils?

The suggestions by Luigi Caricato for making the best out of the different oils we can find on the bench. As a matter of fact, the choice of oil must not be random. Each oil we employ must be evaluated depending on its sensorial profile

Luigi Caricato

What is summer without ice cream?

Especially during the hot season, ice cream parlours everywhere attract both young and cold. Refreshing, creamy and delicious

S. C.

Fried wasps or grilled scorpions?

Stop with cattle, swine or sheep farming. For an eco-friendly choice let’s give space to insect farming! This allows food for everybody with minimal greenhouse gases production

Luigi Caricato

The best oils for sauces

Choosing the proper oil requires balancing the fruity notes with the texture, the fluidity, the equilibrium and the intensity of the bitter and spicy notes

Luigi Caricato

Decaffeination is done using several various processes

Is decaffeinated coffee a fairly new innovation? The first decaf cup of coffee was actually produced commercially way back in 1903

S. C.

Each salad requires its special oil. A short guide to oil dressings

A new book about the matching oil-foods will be on the shelves soon. There are many oils on the market and not all of them are suitable for every food


Seasoning for the palate and for the mind

Great expectations for the first edition of Olio Officina Food Festival in Italy, an event created and directed by oleologist Luigi Caricato. The date to save for chefs and zealous gourmets is end of January 2012, in Milan

Maria Carla Squeo

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