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How to combine high quality vinegars and foods

The world of vinegars is a world that still needs to be explored. Vinegars are widely consumed but they are barely known

Luigi Caricato

Oil is dear to Simonetta Agnello Hornby’s heart

In her last book edited by Sellerio, titled Un filo d’Olio, the half-Italian and half-English writer brings her land back, the old-time Sicily. In appendix the book presents the receipts of the author’s sister Chiara; we report here one of them

L. C.

Vinegars in the kitchen? Pure health

All vinegars have significant health properties. Ancients had well understood it, to the point of including them in their time pharmacopeia. The list of popular remedies

Luigi Caricato

Summer: time for salads. The oils in combination

It is not so obvious to combine the extra-virgin olive oil with the different raw materials used. Choosing the best dressing requires a good knowledge of oils

Luigi Caricato

Wine sorbet

A curious and easy recipe that can intrigue and delight your guests’ palate

S. C.

Oil and good food

At ”Olio Capitale” in Trieste, Italy, the first event of the project “Olio Officina”. Oil used to cook cannot be randomly chosen. The first class, with recipe, by cooking master Giuseppe Capano

Giuseppe Capano

Fabio Tacchella: a life dedicated to culinary research

The creator of Fata, a special film used in famous Japan and United States restaurants, talks with us about his future projects and culinary philosophy. In his kitchen extra virgin olive oil has a key role

Monica Sommacampagna

Balanced and healthy cooking techniques

Simple substitutions to your recipes will help you dramatically decrease your intake of excess saturated and hydrogenated

S. C.

Water and oil pastry at Alajmo’s

Last year Massimiliano e Raffaele presented the importance of the research at Calandre, which invest considerable resources every year. News? The substitution of butter with olive oil


Isidoro Consolini: a gem of the lakeside restaurants

A passion born at parents restaurant that grows and increases every day, searching local ingredients for a cooking respectful of the territory

Monica Sommacampagna

A pleasant gluten-free bread

Millions of Americans affected by celiac disease are unable to digest gluten, a protein in flour from grains such as wheat, barley and rye

Aliona Avduhova

To cook with brain but for senses

Antonella Ricci likes armony of flavours and her territory, Puglia, is very rich of herbs and traditional products. The ingredients of her success which seasons the dishes with the traditional basil

Monica Sommacampagna

How to use the extra virgin oil? A new blog, “Olio Officina”, discusses this topic

This is a project launched by the oleologist Luigi Caricato in order to promote an aware use of the olive oil. According to Caricato, there is scarce knowledge about the dynamics of fats used raw or cooked. The project starts with a blog but aspires to go further

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

Chitlins are infamous for their foul smell

Boiled or fried, chitlins are most popular in the United States during the winter holidays. Cilantro, an herb also known as coriander or Chinese parsley, can mask the unpleasant smell

S. C.

Italy and US bet on super premium olive oil

In Verona the fouth edition of Beyond Extra Virgin, from 20 to 22 September. More dialogue between experience and creativity of the chefs and the severity of food science researchers and sensory

Greg Drescher

Shanghai, return flight

Even at the Shanghai Expo the Italian gastronomy can confront with an ancient history and culture by transforming itself without disowning its origins, always drawing from a beauty model

Gualtiero Marchesi

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