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Suggestions from the chef Alfonso Iaccarino

Which is the frying liquid that should be employed? Here the suggestions of the famous Italian chef, owner of the Don Alfonso 1890 Restaurant in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi, near Sorrento

L. C.

The magic Neapolitan pizza conquers the world

And now it can count on the title of “Guaranteed traditional specialty”. Until halfway through the XXth century, it was an exclusive of Naples


A morbid gastronomy in the Toilet Restaurants

Even feces can be turned into gold! This is the slightly perverse reasoning of the former Chinese banker Eric Wang. Why then not to create an entire menu inspired to the corporal needs and set it in an evocative enough restaurant? Reportage from Paola Cerana on this new trend

Paola Cerana

There is no truth except the one contained in the ingredients

Massimiliano Alajmo, the "Mozart of the stoves". In his opinion typical products and excellences are fundamental ingredients and the kitchen technique is only a tool for ingredients

Monica Sommacampagna

A creative chef who interprets the magic mountains

Massimiliano Peterlana e Federico Parolari.Them philosophy in life and in kitchen is harmony. Secret of success? The respect of seasonality and rooting to land. A Trentino Osteria in witch you will find intimacy

Monica Sommacampagna

The cuisine is a hymn to nature and life

Pietro Leeman is a vegetarian chef celebrated by the best-known gastronomic guides. His favourite dish? Rice, lentils and vegetables seasoned with ginger

Monica Sommacampagna

The goal of Davide Oldani, chef from Milan

A great passion: football. Famous for caramelized onions, he suggests a new cooking style without fat, sober, focused on magnification of flavours with simple features

Monica Sommacampagna

Heinz Beck, character and firmament

The german chef hates who proposes for italian what is not with unrecognizable ingredients and loves pasta "cooked in any possible way”

Monica Sommacampagna

In the world of “Don” Alfonso Iaccarino

"Quality ingredients, attention to seasonality and Mediterranean style are my signature. I’ve created thousands of dishes but I never lose sight of my tradition" said the famous chef of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi's restaurant

Monica Sommacampagna

Cracco’s dream: to compose a different menu every day

A young chef in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the World. The secrets of a contemporary cooking, springing from a sapient combination of flavours and contrasts

Monica Sommacampagna

Music for the palate, Maestro! Interview with chef Gualtiero Marchesi

His philosophy is proudly original, an innovative approach to Italian cooking, respectful of its history while open to the future. “If a restaurant client doesn’t know how to eat, it isn’t his fault: the cook has failed to transmit the culture of food.” he tells us

Monica Sommacampagna

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