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The magic Neapolitan pizza conquers the world

And now it can count on the title of “Guaranteed traditional specialty”. Until halfway through the XXth century, it was an exclusive of Naples

The Neapolitan pizza is a round bakery product, with a crust and a stuffed center, where the dominant colors are the red of tomato, perfectly integrated with extra virgin olive oil, the green of oregano and basil, and the white of garlic, of mozzarella (buffalo milk mozzarella Dop or Stg). The crust is thick, golden, soft to touch and taste, elastic, easy to fold, tasty like well cooked bread, mixed with the acid of tomatoes, and with the arom of oregano, basil, garlic, mozzarella.

Peculiarity of pizza
The defining elements of Neapolitan Pizza Stg are characterized by the timing of preparation and the ability of the cook. In particular, the most important aspects of its preparation are: the dough, the leavening, the manipulation of the dough, the characteristics of the brick oven. The technique of preparation is based on the use of fingers to press the dough, which pushes the air from the center to the periphery, helping to form the crust and keep all ingredients in the center. No rolling pin or machines should be used, because the work of the “pizzaiolo”, the cook, is key to cook a good pizza. The brick oven is then an essential contributor to the quality of the final product.


The pizza turns 120 year old this year, according to the story of its dedication to Queen Margherita at the end of the XIXth century. Still, it is believed that the first pizza was created sometimes between 1715 and 1725. Vincenzo Corrado, general cook of Prince Emanuele di Francavilla, declared in a cook book that tomatoes are used as ingredient for pizza, hinting that pizza is a round baked product with tomato.

The first pizza restaurants were founded in Naples and saw even the King of Naples Ferdinando di Borbone as a customer. More recently, pizzerie saw the light in any Italian city and also abroad, even though, the definition “pizzeria napoletana” has always been used everywhere in Italy, to recall the origin of pizza, and its ties to Naples, where this product has been the same for almost 300 years.

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05 april 2010, Food & Fun > Gastronomy