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How to use the extra virgin oil? A new blog, “Olio Officina”, discusses this topic

This is a project launched by the oleologist Luigi Caricato in order to promote an aware use of the olive oil. According to Caricato, there is scarce knowledge about the dynamics of fats used raw or cooked. The project starts with a blog but aspires to go further

After the experience on the web of the weekly magazine “Teatro Naturale” (, from 2003, and the monthly magazine “Teatro Naturale International” (, from 2009, now Luigi Caricato ( launches a blog. A Blog about oil. The project “Olio Officina” ( is not limited to a blog, though. The blog is just the first step of a long travel that will start in 2011.

Luigi Caricato

At the moment the blog is used to collect all the ideas about the project in order to become a virtual meeting point where the ideas can be proposed and discussed before the experimentation.

Everybody is welcome to participate to the discussion and the project “Olio Officina”: the chefs and the cookers, the oleologists, as directly involved in the subject, the nutritionists and the biochemists and also many others, since every expertise can be precious and hence is welcome.

Being a laboratory of ideas open to everybody, contributions are expected by many different people. The organizers hope that this idea could involve also other countries, even the less involved in the oil world.

What is important is to renew our relationship with fats. It is important to rethink this aspect. Thinking at the olive oil as the “king” of our cuisine just for our habit to use it is no longer enough; it is necessary to show the centrality of the olive oil from a practical point of view.

by Carlotta Baltini Roversi
06 december 2010, Food & Fun > Gastronomy