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To cook with brain but for senses

Antonella Ricci likes armony of flavours and her territory, Puglia, is very rich of herbs and traditional products. The ingredients of her success which seasons the dishes with the traditional basil

Antonella Ricci said to be born "in the kitchen", a year after his parents had opened a restaurant in Puglia, in the hinterland between the low Murgia and high Salento, supported by her sister Antonella. Perhaps it was this his congenital familiar with the cuisine, the call of good family recipes to push it, after graduating in economics banking, would prefer the food to the notes, bringing it to hone his talents to the school of Paul Bocuse. "Cooking is done by hand, with his head, with the scents, flavors and fully involves all the senses," he says. What are the ingredients of the success of his small company? As he speaks Sookie mentions her husband Vinod, a native of Mauritius, his right arm in the kitchen. A marriage of intent, which seasons the dishes with the traditional basil, but also with the coriander and many other exotic spices. And each time, is a harmony of flavors.

My culinary philosophy. "I like to think of a new kitchen in Puglia where the land is expressed through its most valuable products, blends tradition with new technologies. The base is represented by Mediterranean commodities such as bread, wine and olive oil. Then add the vegetables, pulses and wheat. We have a small kitchen garden for herbs to be drawn: a treasure trove of tastes. Turnip greens grown here by the wild chicory, the tarragon and mint. The restaurant seats about forty. My intention is to propose to my customers but not deconstructed dishes inspired by the past and associated with the passing of the seasons. "

The extra virgin olive oil. "I've always appreciated a lot. We offer our clients the opportunity to choose some small selection of local varieties. The plates we use to season the vegetables and the fruit salad. We spend a lot of time sorting of waste, which are strictly Puglia.

Wines. "We have about 300 labels, including a selection of national and local wines. My sister Antonella makes meticulous checks. Our flagships are the great classics of Puglia: Primitivo and Negroamaro, for example. "

Projects. "It was in December will complete a book dedicated to those who have made the foundation of this project to our parents. We would also like to renew our kitchen with technology. But also do consultancy abroad: we've already been, it would be exciting to continue. "

by Monica Sommacampagna
06 december 2010, Food & Fun > Gastronomy