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Isidoro Consolini: a gem of the lakeside restaurants

A passion born at parents restaurant that grows and increases every day, searching local ingredients for a cooking respectful of the territory

At Torri del Benaco, a lovely village on the shores of Garda Lake, is kept small gem of the lakeside restaurants, which now combines the flavors of the Veneto region and rare culinary delicacies preserved by the most famous in Italy, Slow Food.

We talk about the restaurant "Viola" (until recently known as "Al Caval"), which in 2009 won a Michelin star and is a research laboratory chef Isidoro Consolini. A chef born in parents restaurant in Verona. He was passionated to the job, attending workshops in Italy and abroad and prominent chefs like David and Vincenzo Camerucci Oldani, to the point of wanting to impress the business with a verve all its own .

"Viola", dedicated to his wife, he now create his stylistic dishes, as well as local ingredients of great thickness, such as fish from the lake and the nose of Mount Baldo, draw on gluttony, produced in a limited time and in need of activity of defense to be called "presidi" by Slow Food. Among them, the Lamb of alpaca, the goose onto which are inserted by Isidore in polite but tasty recipes. An idea that reveals how Consolini has never lies in the role of cook "for generations". It also demonstrates its commitment to publishing, which led him to publish two volumes with extra virgin olive oil with a kitchen and respectful of the territory have strictly to do, from "Oil, flavors and forms" a "to taste Glasses" published by Biblioteca Culinaria.

My culinary philosophy: "Honesty, quality raw materials, compared to the season: my kitchen is based on these tenets. I propose traditional recipes but these were "withdrawal" in a modern way. "

What use extra virgin olive oil: "In my courses I always use extra virgin olive oil, raw or flavored. I use four Italians and three related to various areas of the PDO Garda (Brescia, Trento and Verona). I believe so much in the importance of extra-and short of producing an account of my own. "

My wine list: "It is mostly composed of local wines. In general excellence also includes Italian and French but I like to focus on small-scale production of quality, discovered through an exciting research work. "

In the future. "I'd like to crown a major project, possibly abroad."

Ristorante Viola
via Gardesana 186 - 37010 Torri del Benaco (Verona)

by Monica Sommacampagna
03 january 2011, Food & Fun > Gastronomy