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Water and oil pastry at Alajmo’s

Last year Massimiliano e Raffaele presented the importance of the research at Calandre, which invest considerable resources every year. News? The substitution of butter with olive oil

Massimiliano Alajmo

The first results of this research - aimed at lighter and deeper food - were realized through the new plates at Calandre and now in the other divisions of Alajmo firm, including pastry.

The new line of cookies made of water and oil, which will add up to the the classical one, gives lightness and depth, thanks to the elimination of dairy products and the substitution of butter with olive oil. “The idea did not come from a pro-health principle - says Massimiliano - but from the interest in researching, like in the wine production, the raw material (the vine), without superstructures to screen their identity.” This means clean and recognizable flavors: chocolate tasting like chocolate, the hazelnut tasting like hazelnut, not bland flavors because of other elements which can hide the authentic flavor. The olfactory part was very important in this research: all smells use the olfactory memory and water for instance has its own memory, and combined with water reaches a surprising depth. If we try to unite vanilla and butter and oil, this aroma remains in our memory much longer in the oil than in the butter. This is the reason why the use of dairies and animal fats is much more moderate in our pastry, not only in the “water and oil” pastry but also in the classical one”.

“Lightness and digestibility are instrumental for us - says Raffaele. So, it is important to serve light pastry after a tasting menu or a dinner.”

The water and oil pastry project includes also breakfast cookies and oil cakes made with vanilla or chocolate, where the butter was completely substituted by olive oil. The result is tasty and gluttonous cakes, which do well to the spirit and the body!

All the Calandrino pastry has a typically Italian basis, because of the origin of the ingredients. Customers will find two lines, the new one based on water and olive oil and the classical one which uses butter, cream and dairy products.

by T N
07 february 2011, Food & Fun > Gastronomy