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Fabio Tacchella: a life dedicated to culinary research

The creator of Fata, a special film used in famous Japan and United States restaurants, talks with us about his future projects and culinary philosophy. In his kitchen extra virgin olive oil has a key role

His passion is teaching chefs and he likes to exercise his talent in international competitions. He is also “gastronomic consultant” to Rai, Italian public television. Creative and a perfectionist, Fabio Tacchella don't think he realized all his professional dreams. So much so that besides the activity of teaching for schools of international cuisine as Alma Colorno (Reggio Emilia), for the cooks of the Italian House of Representatives and Senate, for large hotel chains, carried out numerous consultancies abroad, particularly in Japan. Considered one of the leading representatives of the Italian Chefs Federation, has received numerous awards. On February 19 received the award from Rimini Fiera "Flavor Innovation Award - Best Chef" for his research and inventions in the techniques of cooking.

My culinary philosophy. "Having respect for raw materials and using techniques to maximize the nutritional value to maintain and customize the flavors. I'm dedicating a lot looking for nice meals, good and healthy. "

Innovation in the kitchen. "I created a special film, called "FATA", which is used to give shape to my preparations is to keep the flavors while cooking. There I studied for three years, withstanding up to 220 ° C and allows you to cook with less fat. At first no one believed it. Then the feedback is flaked and within five years FATA is very common in restaurants, particularly those of Japan and the United States. Then there was an evolution: the FATA bags, vacuum bags are ideal for cooking on the grill to 200 ° C, browning but without production of harmful substances, which I thought not only for professionals but also for the catering consumers. Do not forget that mothers are the main cooks, 70% food is prepared at home. "

The extra virgin olive oil. "In my kitchen has a key role, unlike what was found instead in the world, where the predominant use of butter. When I participate with the national team cooks use it very often but I must modify to other types of seasonings. This use of different types, which harmonize with the characteristics of the plate. "

Wines. "I prefer to design the card as a function of the dishes and wines according to seasonality. I see the wine in combination with a dish and not vice versa. "

Projects. "I really like the forward fruit of my experience and my research. I have also asked about opening a restaurant abroad. I actually closed in 2007 I had to Stallavena (Verona), Antica Pesa, to devote myself entirely to research. But sooner or later materialize the dream of having a restaurant where you can make the most of the fruits of my labor. "

by Monica Sommacampagna
07 march 2011, Food & Fun > Gastronomy