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Vinegars in the kitchen? Pure health

All vinegars have significant health properties. Ancients had well understood it, to the point of including them in their time pharmacopeia. The list of popular remedies

Vinegars are healthy, provided that the raw material is of good quality, because a vinegar ideally expresses its origin. It is necessary to well work the product throughout its production, in order to keep its substance content unaltered.

There are no doubts on vinegars nutritional and health value, as well as for their preventive role for our health. It would be important to acquire further information on this, and for this new researches are expected. Here below, a list of indications which has been known since the ancient times, popular remedies which are still important.


- it is a thirst quenching drink, two spoons in a glass of water are enough

- it is useful against stomachache, when feeling bloated, and against stomach burning: one spoon in a glass of water is enough

- it is good against bad breath, for instance after waking up, it helps gargling and swallowing two spoons of vinegar

- one spoon with sugar is effective against hiccups

- it is an excellent disinfectant on small wounds, because it attacks germs and accelerates cicatrization

- rubbing with pure vinegar acts against muscle and nerve numbness

- it is excellent against sore feet, with just two coffee cups in a foot bath

- it mitigates itching and burning sensations due to insect bites, just by applying it on the skin

- it has cosmetic functions, since it protects the skin from external agents and from an excessive use of alkaline soaps, restoring skin acidity

- it makes hair brighter and restores hair pH, just with just one spoon while rinsing

- as an alternate option to anti lice shampoos, vinegar is the ideal solution, because it does not damage hair; a warm vinegar pack on wet hair for about half an hour solves the problem of lice, because acetic acid dissolves chitin through which lice stick nit to the hair

by Luigi Caricato
04 july 2011, Food & Fun > Gastronomy