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Seasoning for the palate and for the mind

Great expectations for the first edition of Olio Officina Food Festival in Italy, an event created and directed by oleologist Luigi Caricato. The date to save for chefs and zealous gourmets is end of January 2012, in Milan

Olio Officina Food Festival

Consumption of olive oil has been constantly increasing, in every corner of the world, with great success well beyond the historic Mediterranean region. It is now a meeting of people and different culture and food, which realizes an integration in the name of olive oil. It is a meeting of territories and people.

The cultivation of olive tree is experimented anywhere is possible. Olive oil mixes and combines. It is impossible to renounce to oil extracted from pressed olives. Extra virgin olive oil smells good, is good and tasty, and is healthy and does well to the soul, too. However, considering it as the undisputed king of tables is not enough, it is necessary to push forward. To date, there is a lack of awareness on how to use it correctly and at the right time. A reasonable approach is missing, a method to use it correctly, in the best possible way, both on the table and in the kitchen.

It is now the time to study its use in different food combinations and to think in particular of a new use in unprecedented applications. Therefore, this is the premise for Olio Officina Food Festival, an event which is meant to be an opportunity for education and exchanging ideas, but also - at night, after the end of the sessions scheduled for the two days of the meeting - an open cultural meeting point, open to new expressive languages.

With Olio Officina Food Festival the protagonists will be all dressings which delight the palate (not only extra virgin oil, but all condiments, without any distinction or discrimination) and the less usual ones good for the mind and for the soul, with space dedicated to music, theatre, art, philosophy and literature.

Luigi Caricato

Olio Officina Food Festival
Condimenti per il palato & per la mente
Created and directed by Luigi Caricato
Milano, Italy > 28-29 gennaio 2012

THE VENUE > Olio Officina Food Festival will take place in a historic building in the heart of Milan, on 28-29 January 2012, in coincidence with the presentation of the new olive harvest, at Palazzo Giureconsulti, in downtown Milan, with an eye on Duomo, right at the heart of the financial and international relationship, of the design and fashion, of the cultural and of the business communities, in Piazza Mercanti, 2.

THE AUDIENCE > Olio Officina Food Festival is aimed at an enlarged public, in order to gather all enthusiasts of extra virgin olive oil in separate moments and space. Nobody will be excluded: chefs, kitchen masters who want to refine their knowledge; buyers, operators of the Horeca channel, who are open to an exhaustive presentation of the complex and composite topic of fatty acids; gourmets who attend cooking schools; consumers who are especially aware of extra virgin oils value; researchers; and direct protagonists of the raw material.

THE FORMAT > Olio Officina Food Festival will consist of two intense days, with two parallel paths: on one side, the general public, and on the other the professional attendants. The broad program will include show cooking, meeting with culture personalities, workshops, presentations of books, thematic buffets, guided tasting sessions for buyers and short tasting courses for neophytes, exhibitions, video projects and, at night, a cultural, literary, musical and artistic salon. The program will be officially presented during a press conference in October.

THE PROJECT > Olio Officina Food Festival aims at achieving a new formulation of the approach to fatty acids in the kitchen, which is currently defined by habits and common places, and not by a healthy, dialectic and educational debate. Therefore the festival has the purpose of satisfying an urgent need for opening new explorative paths: it is not enough to consider extra virgin olive oil as the undisputed “king” of tables, just for the habit to use it, but it is also necessary to demonstrate its centrality especially from a strictly practical standpoint, through the keys to interpret a raw material which is still little known in all its expressive potentials.

THE PATH > Olio Officina Food Festival is a project created by the oleologist Luigi Caricato with the clear intention of creating a constructive moment of discussion and debate on oil and food. The project is mostly centered around extra virgin olive oil, but it also includes the wholeness of olive oils, and involves every other food fat and even condiments such as vinegar as well. The project debuted, after several accurate studies, on November 8th, 2010, when the website Olio Officina was opened, preceding the Olio Officina Food Festvial, thus developing a widespread laboratory of ideas open to everybody and focused on fat in food. While the blog is basically a place to discuss ideas and a virtual meeting point for the formulation and discussion of diverse intuitions and theories before their experimentation and test of their accomplishments and actual usefulness, Olio Officina Food Festival represents the real context where such ideas are realized and presented to the public.

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by Maria Carla Squeo
05 september 2011, Food & Fun > Gastronomy