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Fried wasps or grilled scorpions?

Stop with cattle, swine or sheep farming. For an eco-friendly choice let’s give space to insect farming! This allows food for everybody with minimal greenhouse gases production

Yes, this is not a joke. Who is ready to appreciate the taste of insects should set an insect farm up. This is the best way to help the planet.

It is a fact that FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, it is organizing for 2013 a world congress on insect farming and eating. The reason is that this will help solving the world famine problem and the greenhouse effect.

This will be the triumph of insects: wasps, crickets, grasshoppers and many others. We can image already great meals! Even scorpions are good: grilled they are delicious.

Do you prefer fried? Well, in this case I would suggest wasps, fried in a mild fruity smooth extra virgin olive oil with flower and almond notes. For instance, I would suggest an Italian mono-variety extra virgin olive oil, the Bosana, from Sardinia. In case you really don’t like insects, you could try to flour them.

by Luigi Caricato
07 may 2012, Food & Fun > Gastronomy