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What is summer without ice cream?

Especially during the hot season, ice cream parlours everywhere attract both young and cold. Refreshing, creamy and delicious

Though ice cream is certainly tempting on hot summer days, the hidden calories are even more dangerous for those with a sweet tooth as well as sporty ambitions. The dessert goes from the waffle straight to the weight scale, and the beach body is gone. But with greater awareness of calories, everybody can keep both the dream weight and the sweet tooth.

Dairy ice cream and Co. – The cold sins with whipped cream

Chocolate, vanilla, walnut or rather fruit ice cream? The choice is immense; everybody is weak for at least one flavour. But which one has the most calories? Depending on the individual recipe, there are small differences between each ice cream parlour. But the classic calorie bombs are always the same. Dairy ice cream is clearly leading the field: Those who cannot resist vanilla consume 100 kcal per scoop. Walnut even goes up to 115 kcal. Still unbeaten is the widely-loved chocolate ice cream with at least 120 kcal per scoop. The fruity varieties are a little less sinful. With about 60 kcal, lemon ice cream is better for the dream weight. Strawberry ice cream, however, approaches the 100 kcal border per scoop. Since we are rarely satisfied with just one scoop, the numbers increase proportionally.
So, what can we do? Everyone can enjoy his favourite sort, even chocolate fans - just leave off whipped cream, syrup and sweet sauces. That removes about 160 kcal. To go without the “heavy” waffle, which contains up to 200 kcal, is further support for the slim silhouette. And also “lighter” kinds, such as yoghurt or lemon ice cream, are refreshing and delicious as well.

Frozen Yoghurt – The low-calorie alternative

Lighter than ice cream, but equally delicious: The popularity of frozen yoghurt rises weekly. Using yoghurt instead of cream, the content of fat and calories is remarkably less than in ‘normal’ ice cream. With only 50 kcal per 3.5 oz., the ice-cold refreshment is the right choice for calorie-conscious sweet teeth. Pepped up with the fresh fruits of summer, the extra vitamin kick is guaranteed. You can easily prepare it, even at home: Stir some sugar or honey in a bowl with reduced-fat yoghurt. Add pureed fruits, mix it and put it in the freezer. Stir the yoghurt mass approximately every 30 minutes to avoid ice crystals. As soon as everything is completely frozen, your sweet and low-calorie dessert is ready to eat.

CaloriScan – Healthy and calorie-conscious every day

While eating ice cream, having a barbecue or during the daily lunch break - being aware of calories helps to maintain the slim summer figure and supports a healthy lifestyle. For a well-balanced calorie management, the CaloriScan from Omron is the perfect device. Since it reliably measures the amount of calories burned 24 hours a day, the handy calorie counter should be at your side all day long. Thanks to its 3-D sensor technology, the CaloriScan classifies different activities - whether going to the ice cream parlour, training, or watching TV on the couch - and precisely calculates the resulting calorie consumptions. Thereby, users can keep track of their individual data and quickly know whether or not the next scoop is a sin.

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by S. C.
02 july 2012, Food & Fun > Gastronomy