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Innovative chocolate with pea protein

Roquette America introduced a new formulation: chocolate enhanced with Nutralys pea protein.
The amino acid profile and dispersibility allow Nutralys pea protein to boost the nutrition profile of chocolate without changing the chocolate's texture, melt character, or taste. The nutritional value of NUTRALYS® pea proteins results from their amino acid profile and in particular the levels of essential amino acids.
“NUTRALYS® pea protein can be added to chocolate at up to 16% without affecting processing conditions. Even at the high inclusion rate of protein, standard temperatures and time used for mixing, refining, conching, and tempering the chocolate require absolutely no changes,” says Kate Jacobsen, Senior Project Coordinator for Confectionery Applications.
According to a press release, chocolate made with NUTRALYS® pea protein can be used literally any place that standard chocolate is currently used, and it offers opportunities for chocolate manufacturers to expand their reach into the health and wellness based consumer market segments.
Processed naturally and non-GMO, the Nutralys pea protein-enriched chocolate allows chocolate manufacturers to boast clean labels, allergen-free products, and traceable and safe ingredients. Because NUTRALYS is not derived from soy or wheat, the protein does not require allergen labeling. Moreover, as a powder ingredient, the product has 98% digestibility, a rate equivalent to that of the best animal protein.
Looking for Fathers day chocolates? Try Organic Chocolate Truffles from Thorntons. He’ll particularly love the new flavours: creamy white chocolate vanilla and zingy milk chocolate orange.

by S. C.
22 june 2012, Food & Fun > Gastronomy