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Wine vinegar: what a healthy drink!

The components of vinegar can be described as restorative, healthy and invigorating. Most of us use it but very few of us know its characteristics. The best ones among vinegars show equilibrium, smoothness, body and strong acidity

Wine vinegar is quite fluid and shows an iridescent coloration depending on the raw material employed to make it: it goes from straw or amber yellow, whether obtained from white wines, to light or deep reds, if obtained from red wines.

The flavor, i.e. the combination of olfactory, taste and tactile perceptions in the mouth and in the nose, is very pleasant, despite the simplistic idea people normally have about vinegar. In some cases it has very delicate and fine aromas; in some others it is very intense and even aggressive. In all cases the flavor is quite persistent and it is tightly linked to the starting raw material.

The are still a lot of things to understand and discover about vinegars; there is too much ignorance at this regard and sometimes even lack of will to know them. This is the reason why it is important to go past old and bad habits and to take care in the choice of good quality vinegars. While shopping, we have to keep in consideration the most attractive and evident sensorial aspects.

As a matter of fact, most of the times we buy vinegars without the necessary care. We need to take into consideration the equilibrium, finesse, smoothness, body, acidity, astringency and other characteristics.

There is a lexicon that needs to be exploited. As compared to other products, we are at the beginning only. What it is important now is to start changing our attitude toward vinegar and to look for quality in vinegars, too. It is, for instance, the approach we already have toward wine and olive oil.

by Luigi Caricato
03 september 2012, Food & Fun > Gastronomy