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Pizza as mental wellness

Is there such a thing as mental wellness when it comes to food or cuisine? There are certain types of foods that around the world serve as the establishment’s ubiquitous smell or taste that immediately connects the hearts and minds of a particular dish. That most certainly is pizza. Pizza, around the world satisfies the appetite late at night, in a pinch, on the run, or just a great match for a reasonably priced bottle of red wine in sneakers.

When pizza arrives or is in the vicinity, everyone knows what it is and what to expect. It satisfies the hunger pangs while also achieving that ability to meet the expectations of what that taste is supposed to be. Perhaps the Italians understood what comfort food was all along and how to keep people and their palates satisfied with satiating that pang of hunger with a nice combination of flour, tomato sauce, and cheese. Mixed with oregano, garlic, and crushed red pepper, this simple, yet varied preparation of Italian food and spices blends the culinary skills of the most complex and simplistic of common dishes.

There is a level of comfort with really well done and manicured pizza which cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world.

Remembering the travels to Italy, one can recall that pizza there was a totally different experience.

What, one may ask, was the difference and the only thing that one can say is that, perhaps it was all in the water.

by S. C.
20 november 2012, Food & Fun > Gastronomy