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Paleo cookies in a modern world

The Paleo diet has grown gradually into one of the most popular diets. The diet is based on the cuisine of our Paleolithic ancestors

What makes a cookie Paleo? To be truly Paleo the cookie must be grain free and dairy free although some Paleo enthusiasts still include dairy. There is also consideration given to the cookings oils and sugars. Most regular cookies can be Paleo cookies with a few simple substitutions.

Paleo cookies can also be purchased already made. They can be found in health food or whole food stores. They can also be purchased online from various vendors including Amazon. Like gluten free cookies, you can expect to pay more for Paleo cookies.

Why would anyone want Paleo cookies? First we must ask why would anyone want to follow the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet has become so popular mostly due to results. Weight loss is probably the number one reason people turn to Paleo. By eliminating grains,dairy and reducing sugar, Paleo offers long lasting loss of body fat. The second reason is health. Many people have eliminated chronic health problems by going Paleo. This includes many types of autoimmune conditions including diabetes. So why would so many people be looking for Paleo cookies? Cookies have been popular for centuries. Some of the first cookies were macaroons and gingerbread. They are convenient for a snack and are useful while on the go. They are a beloved treat by most of mankind, all around the world. So it is not difficult to understand that people following Paleo, would also want this treat in a way that would comply with the diet.

Other than purchasing pre-made Paleo cookies, one can bake their own. Paleo cookies really do not have any more ingredients than your average cookie. Most of them are fairly easy to bake. They simply require some substitutions to be Paleo. First they must not contain all purpose flour. Usually a flour like almond flour is used. Coconut milk may be used as an alternative to the dairy ingredients. Once these simple substitutions are made, almost any ordinary cookie, can be a Paleo cookie.

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by S. C.
04 november 2013, Food & Fun > Gastronomy