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Grassroots tastings 2014

Easy-listening stories about wines and their territories as told by native enthusiasts.
At Magazzini del Cotone, as part of TerroirVino

Sunday June 15th , during TerroirVino 2014.
No gurus, no idols! Grassroots tastings: wines and territories described in convivial and understandable talks, by common yet competent people; above all by people who, by birth or by choice, are "intimate" with the area they intend to describe. In addition to this new TerroirVino feature, we will also hold special vertical tastings dedicated to selected producers. The official hashtag for Grassroots Tasting at TerroirVino will be #ddb.

Following is the schedule for the 2014 wine tastings:

by S. C.
14 may 2014, Food & Fun > Gastronomy