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Divino brings in award-winning Italian chef to create hallmark of authenticity

Spaghetti, probably the first image that comes to your mind when you hear “Italian food.” For some, it may be the extent of their knowledge of cuisine from the Mediterranean nation. It’s easy to oversimplify traditional courses when you’re in the melting pot of the world. But what then is authentic Italian food? Piero Caramella, a veteran Italian restaurateur and his partner, Dmitry Lisovitsky, recently flew in an award-winning Italian chef from Italy to help create the hallmark of true authentic Italian cuisine for their new venture, Divino.

Chef Paolo Re is a true Italian, who doesn’t speak a lick of English and has never been to America before. Caramella has devised a detailed plan to have his assistant chefs learn from the Italian award-winning chef, while helping Chef Re learn about the American culture concurrently. By having the understanding of both cultures, the Divino experience will appeal to authentic Italians and Americans alike.

According to Caramella, authentic Italian cooking offers a full sensory experience. Even when the ingredients are combined, you can taste each element. You can taste the tomato. You can taste the olive oil. You can taste the basil. When you eat it, it’s all very genuine.

“The Italian likes to taste each element, not cover it up. That’s the art in Italian cooking, says Caramella. “A good Italian chef can put together five or six ingredients and you really appreciate the fact that you can taste each of them.” Both Divino owners say bringing that level of art to Tampa Bay is their passion.

by S. C.
29 june 2009, Food & Fun > Gastronomy