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A creative chef who interprets the magic mountains

Massimiliano Peterlana e Federico Parolari.Them philosophy in life and in kitchen is harmony. Secret of success? The respect of seasonality and rooting to land. A Trentino Osteria in witch you will find intimacy

Now you should imagine a meal with an emulsion bicolor: orange and brown, each of the two halves is divided by a thin line of olive oil. It's a small incredible harmony of taste proposed by Federico Parolari, chef Trentino who is the creative soul in the 'Osteria Le Due Spade "in Trento, run by Massimiliano Peterlana.
The recipe is called "emulsion of chestnuts and pumpkin with Garda extra virgin olive oil" and it is exquisitely autumn.
If you will come to this place who got a Michelin star you will find the intimacy offered by eight tables for twenty clients. A part of the inn, dated 1545, proposes a dive into history thanks to its century mark.
At Osteria you can eat meat and fish, but every dish meets a specific criterion: it stimulates the view with colors far from the pomp of nouvelle cuisine, surprising combinations and flavors to the palate with full, all round. No frill that does not capture states that you want to arouse emotion. From an area that reflects the peaks of mountains in the purity of the waters of lakes.

Them philosophy
Massimiliano Peterlana "The idea of my father Pompeo was to offer a high level cooking linked to the history of Trentino. Recipes profoundly linked to our tradition, perhaps with specific references to a past that is lost. The warm apple puff pastry with apricot jam on the sixteenth of inspiration that we propose in our winter menu reflects, for example… this spirit."
Federico Parolari: "Visually we are aiming on the balance of shapes and colors. For taste we want light. All through products that smell of our mountains as mushrooms, berries, wild game and the hay harvest on Monte Bondone, you find the recipe that we propose "

As I see the Italian kitchen.
Frederick Parolari: "Each region should offer courses mainly related to its tradition and its typical products. I believe that today is winning maintain a strong bond with our origins. "

Extra virgin olive oil
Massimiliano Peterlana: "As part of the local taverns in Trentino we are committed to bring only extra virgin olive oil produced in Trentino. We use 99% extra virgin olive oil dop Garda.

Typical products.
Massimiliano Peterlana: "The respect of seasonality and rooting for us to land are crucial. We recently closed our menus with flowers and herbs. Now is the time of porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and pretend. The season dictates the pace of our creativity. "

Massimiliano Peterlana: "The wine list includes 500 labels. Some time ago there were 700, then we changed philosophy and we focused on a selection of wines that we appreciate and recommend in conjunction with our dishes. In particular, we propose a very white base Nosiola, a native vine that also appreciate foreigners. "

The dish that I like to prepare
Frederick Parolari: "I like to propose the same product with different cooking methods and sauces in various matches. I enjoy, for example, to create a chocolate cream pie coconut-based Sacher with a coconut mousse, a chocolate cream mousse that covers and a white chocolate mousse. Each must be prepared at different times "

Philosophy of life (and kitchen):
Both: "Harmony".

Osteria “a Le Due Spade”
Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, 11
Tel. 0039.0461. 234343

by Monica Sommacampagna
07 september 2009, Food & Fun > Gastronomy