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The cutlery could affect the taste of food

The University of Oxford demonstrates that the properties of the cutlery can indeed affect people's taste perception of everyday foods, most likely when expectations regarding the cutlery or the food have been disconfirmed


The aflatoxin challenge for cereal crops

In Europe, two-thirds of the Serbian 2012 corn crop was reported to be affected. Milk in the Netherlands was identified as infected and in Germany it was found that at thousands of farms

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Emerging trends in eco-eating

Thanks to growing consumer awareness about the vulnerable state of the global environment and food supply, environmentally conscious eating is a trend destined to increase in urgency

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Oil content in French fries is less if cookek with infrared heat

Researchers have shown that prepping the raw fries for three minutes with infrared (IR) heat, before the fries are dunked in the fryer, can reduce oil uptake by about one-third, as compared to raw fries not treated with IR

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New concepts help food manufacturers regain consumer trust

With the recent spate of food scandals, what can food manufacturers do to win back consumer confidence and protect their hard-won brand equity

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The true environmental impact of a retail product

Measuring your company’s impacts, as a retailer or a manufacturer, is the first step for any sustainability action plan. However, the functionality of these assessments, such as carbon footprint and life cycle assessment, is often not utilized

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