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1 in 3 Canadians has a food allergy

Catering expert explains how food allergies need to change the way chefs approach their craft and customers

S. C.

A new, super-nutritious puffed rice for breakfast cereals and snacks

New process for blowing up grains of rice to produce a super-nutritious form of puffed rice, with three times more protein and a rich endowment of other nutrients

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Red wine could mask testosterone levels

London's Kingston University study explain that red wine could give athletes and players a boost in the sports arena by increasing the amount of performance-enhancing hormone testosterone in their bodies

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Dietary spices and nutraceutical plants. Tradition and modernity

India has been known to be a rich repository of medicinal and aromatic plants since ancient time. The agro-climatic condition prevailing in India provides an ideal habitat for the natural growth of a variety of plants and herbs, which provide raw materials for pharmaceutical, phyto-chemical, food, flavouring and cosmetic industries

Graziano Alderighi

Land grabbing continues with dramatic results

Many countries and corporations have started to acquire relatively inexpensive and productive agricultural land located in foreign countries. A study of the Milan and the Virginia Universities

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Solar power is the future of energy

By 2022, more than 35 million buildings may be generating their own solar electricity, without subsidies, at prices lower than their utility offers

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Best of Kosher Awards

Consumers can nominate and vote online for their favorite kosher products, restaurants, food personalities and more

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On the table and in the bed. It is a pleasure affair

The “oyster game” was so successful that sometimes it got out of hand. Oysters heedlessly crept in to the necklines of ladies or even lower then the décolleté, where the mystery made the hunt and the catch more exciting

Paola Cerana

How to save money durung this Christmas holidays

The holidays can be an expensive time of year with plenty of gift giving, house guests and festive décor, making an impact on the wallet

S. C.

Risk assessmen on bees and bee health

With its mandate to improve Eu food safety and to ensure a high level of consumer protection, Efsa has a responsibility to protect bees and the ecosystem services they provide to humans

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