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Wine and meat as yin and yang

Researchers knew that astringent wines feel rough and dry in our mouths. Fats, on the other hand, are slippery. Sensations sitting on opposite ends of a sensory spectrum

Aliona Avduhova

Olive trees and olives at high altitude

A new movement is born: TreeDream. Its first initiative is Save the roots, to protect and stimulate olive culturing at high altitude in Italy. According to the promoter, Flavio Lenardon, rural culture has always adopted the model of sustainability

Flavio Lenardon

Education plays a vital role in changing baby's taste and preferences

It has been observed that consumption of baby food is higher in families where both the parents are educated and working

S. C.

National Honey Bee Awareness Day

National free event attracts hundreds wanting to learn about bees, honey, the environment and to just have fun

S. C.

The desert is a wealth of flora

As hiking guides in New Mexico’s wilderness and desert areas, we are often asked what a hiker should do if stranded in the desert without water

S. C.

Destitute classes to revive agriculture

The report of the Social Agriculture Forum has been recently published. The pioneering part of this experience is now over in Italy. The input from the scientific and academic community has been of great help in this process

Antonio Carbone

Vegetables are vital for human health

Why nutrient-dense indigenous vegetables must be on the plate for economic development, food security, and health

Graziano Alderighi

Wine and marijuana. Are they alike?

In California the campaign “regulate marijuana like wine” aims at liberalizing the use of marijuana by claiming that it causes similar risks for public health as wine, whose use is not considered as a social emergency


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