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Volcano wine: Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg

From Sicily’s East a unique wine production that has a has a certain birth date: 1606. Although the origin of the name is not known, it is thought to be from the red tone of this wine that reminds of the color of a “cerasa” (cherry)

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

The wine is so valuable to be dated as a relic

To find the vintage of a precious bottle you can take the carbon 14 dating. A test usually practiced in the world of archeology now will enter in wine sector

Aliona Avduhova

Valtellina DOCG wines: peaks of Italian quality

A fascinating mosaic of dry stone walls. This is the result centuries of hard and patient work, of resourceful skill that carved out of the hostile, rocky slopes a sun-blessed refuge for vines that would yield a harvest of noble grapes

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

Asia and Latin America pursue mutual learning and cooperation

Asia and Latin America have made significant progress in economic development but poverty and malnutrition remain at unacceptably high levels and global food and financial crises complicate the outlook

Ernesto Vania

Bolgheri DOC: the begining of the Super Tuscans

It is not just a question of varieties: it is the “terroir” that has made this area the great birth place for the Super Tuscan wines production

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

Gavi, the noble white of Piemonte

The Gavi wine is produced in a magical land, among castles, history and mysterious scents, part of the elegant expression of Italia aristocracy of the eighteenth century

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

Lebels? More confusion than explanations

Biological, extra-virgin olive oil, quality certifications. Does competition really improve quality? Facts show that it is not always the case. A few observations about difficulties and meaning of all labelling forms and classification of traded products

Daniele Bordoni

Summit of olive oil producing countries in Imperia, Italy

An experiment of Onaoo succeeded. The idea is to have yearly meetings to discuss the situation between experts. The choice in function of the price looks scary

Maria Carla Squeo

Why moms cook the same meals repeatedly?

Researchers have found that the average mother relies on just nine recipes for feeding her family

S. C.

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