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Wine and marijuana. Are they alike?

In California the campaign “regulate marijuana like wine” aims at liberalizing the use of marijuana by claiming that it causes similar risks for public health as wine, whose use is not considered as a social emergency

The State of California is very close to bankruptcy hence in 2010 the Major of San Francisco, Richard Lee, proposed the liberalization of marijuana.

In prudish USA, where it is often forbidden to smoke cigarettes outdoors in parks and close to hospitals and schools, this proposal caused a scandal to break.

According to Lee, “the authority responsible for State budget calculated that liberalizing marijuana would make California earn 1.4 billion dollars in taxes every year. Given our 20 billion dollar deficit, this would be a godsend”.

However, when the referendum was hold in November 2010, besides an initial 56% of ayes in the opinion pools, nays won by 10%.

After the referendum, the anti-prohibitionist movement didn’t give up and launched the “California’s regulate marijuana like wine” campaign.

The idea of this campaign is to present the risks associated with the assumption of marijuana as similar to the one associated with alcohol, and wine in particular. As a matter of fact, the abuse of alcohol is a great problem in USA.

In other words, what the anti-prohibitionists say is that, since the consumption of alcohol is legal, even if it has been proved as dangerous for human health, why not allowing a light drug of abuse such marijuana, too?

At the moment this campaign seems to be very effective in convincing Californians since, according to an opinion pool by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, the 62% of people agrees with this idea.

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