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Aquaponics is the new trend for growing your own food

Aquaponics is fast becoming the new way to farm and grow food. With countless people now realizing they may not be able to buy real fresh organic foods without some form of contamination, thousands are now looking into aquaponic growing.

A whole new wave of aquapons are emerging as people learn as much as they can about growing their own sources of healthy foods and proteins. The ASC magazine is booming as more people subscribe to learn from experts and hobbyists teaching aquaponics. http://aquaponics-how-to-guide.info/aquanewsletter People are determined to start growing their own foods again just like the old victory gardens of the past.

"In the last few months we have seen more people join our Facebook community, subscribe to our magazine and learn as much as they can about aquaponics growing. It's been amazing." -Victoria Kelley http://www.prlog.org/12181587-breaking-news-aquaponics-su... When we asked Victoria why she thinks the changes are happening quickly, she told our reporter that people are very dissatisifed with GMO food decisions recently. They want to take back control on what they now eat and grow.

"I found myself writing a book for beginners about essential fish care in aquaponics. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DLHL3BO I was getting so many questions asked about pH, ammonia, bacteria, how do I control this, what should I do here, I just had to write it all down for people to use as a reference guide. The book is doing great on Amazon with 13 good reviews." -Victoria Kelley "People are demanding better food and labelling of GMO's. If they can't get that from growers and big companies anymore, then they are determined to grow their own."

There are a big changes happening with food and not all of them good. Aquaponics offers healthy solutions into providing proteins and produce as a viable and marketable option to eating better. Click on any of these links within this article to be redirected to Victoria Kelley's book or subscribe to the magazine.

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