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New FAO survey reveals trends in teak forests and markets

Natural teak forests are declining worldwide. On the other hand, planted teak forests are increasing and, when good management practices are applied, producing high quality wood

S. C.

Climate change aid up to USD 22.9 billion in 2010

One-third of the estimated climate-change-related aid in 2010 went to support adaptation while two-thirds was for mitigation

S. C.

Gisele Bundchen named the Best Green International Celebrity

People were able to vote in an online poll in the months leading up to the award and chose the Brazilian model

S. C.

Forestry bond support

Environmentalists are calling for the creation of more forestry bonds in order to help raise the cash needed to reduce deforestation by half by 2020

S. C.

Trees store more carbon with global warming

A study of the Marine Biological Laboratory shows that warmer temperatures stimulate the gain of carbon stored in trees

Ernesto Vania

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