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Rainforest species returns in Sri Lanka

The huge demand for oil that agarwood produces has driven the illegal logging trade. Agarwood is the most valuable tree in the world, used for perfumes mainly in the Middle East

Aliona Avduhova

2010, the international year of biodiversity

This day, instituted by the United Nations, will focus on the universal heritage of humanity, whose value is priceless. Defending nature from the consumerism of humans will have to become a priority

Pasquale Di Lena

Himalayan Climate change controversy

The IPCC study on Himalayas predicted the melting of the glaciers by 2035 but some scientists told that the report distorts facts and gives a misrepresentation of the state of glaciers

Aliona Avduhova

Climate Change Conference kicks off

The hopes of the world for a future marked by respect for the environment are focused on Copenhagen. Over 10 days the world is gathering to work out how to save the climate


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