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Safe fertilizer with some precautionary methods

he invention of fertilizer can be tagged as the most wonderful invention ever created for gardeners. Using them would not only mean great and wonderful fruit or flowering bearing trees and plants but also it keeps plants and trees for being naturally healthy and diseases free all the time. That is why many farmers, gardeners, horticulturists and other botanically related persons are now using this available method to help their hobby of even business yield more wonderful effects for them. But as they say, even good things must be taken with extra precaution to avoid harmful bad effects at the end. This rule also applies when using fertilizers, even though they carry highly beneficial effects on our plants, wrong usage may lead into disastrous results making a dreadful nightmare to everyone. To avoid these things from happening, Safe Fertilizer Reviews which is a premier fertilizer review company shares with us some useful tips and tricks to avoid those dreadful nightmares to happen.

The first thing that you need to remember is to place all fertilizers may it be organic or inorganic to a place where it is safe to store away from children and other chemicals. Bear in mind that fertilizers are only meant to use for plants or trees and not for anything else. You wanted to avoid accidents like mixing up of different products and using fertilizer as a wrong choice to such scenarios like cooking, molding, food preservation and etc that uses same chemicals in resemblance to what fertilizer looks like. Keep your fertilizer contained on agricultural based products only and don’t try to put them on shelves meant for human consumption.

Another thing that you need to consider when handling fertilizer is the safety of the public if you own a big garden that is running under water system. Make sure that your water system is confined only on your garden and no leaks and holes are seeping through other surroundings. Organic and inorganic fertilizers can cause serious health hazards on people when ingested even on small amounts only. It is best to practice safe gardening method to ensure public safety for human and animals. This tip is highly applicable for those gardeners who use strong chemical based fertilizers.

Consider the amount and interval of giving fertilizers. Every day is not like a new day to our plants; there are times that we need to give them more fertilizer than what they need for various factors like climate change, environment shifting, natural disasters etc. So it is wise and very important to discover these times when you have to increase or decrease the fertilizer intake of your plant to yield more positive results. Also, make sure that you are giving fertilizers at the right age of your plants. Some plants cannot endure too much nutrients and minerals at a very young age, so check the instruction first before the scattering golden beads around them.

by S. C.
04 november 2009, Food & Fun > Nature