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Spathiphyllum is a popular indoor plant which is a native of Central region of America. The plant is also known as peace lily because of the beautiful flowers that blossom from the plant. The leaves of Spathiphyllum are shinny and glossy. Spathiphyllum is essentially an indoor plant and requires vary little water and sunlight. Some people grow Spathiphyllum because it is considered to be a spiritual symbol of Christmas.
People who grow Spathiphyllum at home should learn to take proper care of the plant. Never expose the plant to direct sunlight as it could affect the growth of the plant. However, some varieties of Spathiphyllum could survive direct sunlight. During summers, it is best that you water the plant as frequently as possible. This will keep the help to plant to grow as it the plant thrives when the soil is moist. Avoid placing the plant in areas which are too cold or too hot. Extreme temperatures are known to damage the plant.

by S. C.
26 january 2010, Food & Fun > Nature