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2010, the international year of biodiversity

This day, instituted by the United Nations, will focus on the universal heritage of humanity, whose value is priceless. Defending nature from the consumerism of humans will have to become a priority

The conservation of biodiversity is a priority which cannot be delayed any longer. The decision of the United Nations to declare 2010 the year of biodiversity, is not just meant to be a celebration of the value of biological diversity and of life on earth, but it is most of all a warning signal for the whole humanity, especially the part that consumers natural resources more, without acknowledging that such resources will disappear, without limiting the exploitation and destruction.

The sole purpose of them is profit, which justifies any obstacle, no matter the cost in terms of human lives or natural resources. Any means (war, terrorism, the destruction of forests, crimes, famine) is justified by the goal of profit, and the power that is subsequent to the accumulation of wealth.

In a reality dominated by the goal of profit, the result means turning the land into a cement jungle, causing landslides and destruction, means the privatization of water, means stealing seeds with patents, means impoverishing farmers and abandoning agriculture. This puts more land in the hands of speculators, and subtracts space to the productions related to the territory and to traditions, the only that can encourage the youth to remain in the country and live the farming life, fulfilling its potential.

The UN role in promoting biodiversity offers the chance to participate and be protagonists in processes that can save humanity from catastrophic events such as the extinction of animals and vegetables, that are running at an impressive speed, despite the promises that were made at the convention on biodiversity of 1992, in Rio de Janeiro,

These are all tough challenges especially for the indifference of citizens who ignore the meaning and value of biodiversity. Beyond the arrest of deforestation, migration of habitats, climate change control, destruction of sea habitats, etc, it is necessary to call the attention of governments, since January 11th, when the International Year of Biodiversity will officially begin, through the International Day scheduled on May 22nd, and the summit which will take place in Nagoya, Japan, next month of October.

Our country has an essential role to play, in order to defend the biodiversity, especially with respect to the main agricultural production of our country, the grape-vine and the olive, and to rediscover the value of agriculture and rural life, with their extraordinary preciousness.

by Pasquale Di Lena
01 february 2010, Food & Fun > Nature