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Protect the Amazon rainforest

Our initial offering of 162 million Protect Amazon Rainforest certificates at $30.00 each for a total of $4.86 billion dollars in sequester credits is the largest in Amazon Rainforest history. This is the start of a new beginning – empowering the people to change our world.

Phillip Booth, President of Protect Amazon Rainforest said “We are pleased that Protect Amazon Rainforest represents the common sense approach to the solution to many of today’s global challenges.”

The Rainforest is nature’s aviary, aquarium, and animal shelter, the last Garden of Eden. It is Noah’s Ark for the planet. Purchasing Protect Amazon Rainforest Certificates provides the funds necessary to protect the Amazon Rainforest allowing nature to work for us.

Protect Amazon Rainforest Certificates are guarantees sustaining life-essentials: air, water, land, global climate, herbs, plants, and sources of medicines It is the obligation of all citizens of the world to respect nature’s gift to mankind and protect the Amazon Rainforest…The Breath of Life.

by S. C.
08 november 2010, Food & Fun > Nature