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Welcome to the International Year of Forests

According to the World Bank, more than 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their survival. For this year celebrations, UN will encourage activities which favor knowledge exchange on techniques to improve the sustainable preservation of forests

2011 will be the “International Year of Forests”, as established by UN with a Resolution dating back to December 20th, 2006, to support the commitment to favor the management, preservation and sustainable development of the forests of the whole world.

This event represents an invitation to the whole international community to gather and work in concert with governments, international organization and civil society to sustainably manage forests, for present and future generations.

Forests represent an integral part of global sustainable development, and they offer refuge and work to people and habitats for biodiversity; they are sources of food, drugs and clean waters and have a fundamental role in maintaining the climate and environment of the whole world.

According to the World Bank, more than 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their survival, and forests provide habitat to about two thirds of all known species. The forest is a source of economic development for industry thanks to its products and employment. The world trade associated with forests is about 270 billion $ and FAO estimates that 130,000 km2 of forests are lost to deforestation every year.

The transformation in cultivable fields, the unsustainable cutting of wood, the wrong management of lands and the creation of new human settlements are the main reasons for woods losses.

Wild fires represent one of the main threats to the conservation of forests around the world. Every year fires interest about 350 million hectares of forests and cultivable lands all over the world; of these, about 500 thousand hectares are in the Mediterranean basin, and half of these are covered with woods.

To celebrate the International Year of Forests, the Forest Forum Secretary and UN will encourage activities which can foster knowledge exchange on the possible strategies to favor a sustainable management of forests. Several initiatives will be organized to contrast phenomena like aridity and deterioration in lands, and to enhance the awareness of the need to prevent landslide and erosions, and to secure the fertility of soils, also with the goal of increasing the absorption of CO2.

by Marcello Ortenzi
07 february 2011, Food & Fun > Nature