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Thai-Pepper is helping to save environment

Situated in Maesot, Thailand we have found a niche in sustainable manufacturing of planet-saving products. Reclaimed wood from teak houses are used to manufacture kitchenware for the domestic and export market.
Being green is a way of life: our water is pumped from a well - it's clean and chemical free. Transportation around town is a scooter and two bicycles. Plastic bags are banned from our premises. Waste is sorted into compostable and recyclable.
We off-set our carbon quota by planting trees. For every order that we send out we plant a teak or fruit tree. Fruit tree delivers fresh fruit all year round.
We only use natural materials in our products, and recycled materials in our packaging. Packaging is made from off-cut wood and recycled paper.

by S. C.
07 march 2011, Food & Fun > Nature