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Biogas: energy source for the future

Biogas is essential in providing a renewable energy source for the future.

The need for a sustainable and renewable energy source is imperative to meet the growing global energy demand. Biogas will play a crucial role in meeting this demand and the rapid increase in the construction of biogas plants bears this out.

SMi Group's second annual Biogas conference will bring together industry leaders and experts to explore and discuss the leading technologies and strategic project developments in biogas to help you understand and benefit from the underlying opportunities of Biogas development.

The conference will host a panel of industry experts including Peter Jones who is a Waste Sector Expert from the London Waste and Recycling Board. Peter will address the conference and tackle the crucial subject of diverting waste from land fill and how this waste can be used to create both energy and profit. The session will also investigate the current investment profile in waste technology and the measures that the London Waste and Recycling Board continue to take in striving for a zero waste economy.

Biogas will provide invaluable insight into the competitive nature of biogas and its current developments and challenges.

by S. C.
24 march 2011, Food & Fun > Nature