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Why was algae excluded from the department of energy's billion ton update?

“After over 50 years and millions of dollars, that’s what I’d like to know,” says National Algae Association Executive Director Barry Cohen. “Other than to be told that leadership of the DoE Biomass Program thinks our requests for information or clarification are "harassment," we have received no response, including from the head of Team Algae, to the inquiries asking why algae was excluded from the Billion Ton Update, nor have NAA's questions and concerns after participating in the Biomass Peer Review meetings been addressed. That being said, this latest round of apparent buffonery should not have a material effect on NAA or its members, or on our mission to fast-track commercialization of the algae production industry in the US. We have achieved all of our accomplishments through the dedication of algaepreneurs and algae farmers, most of whom are neither reliant on nor recipients of government funding. NAA is very thankful for their contributions and their collaboration because they are the ones who are going to make this commercial-scale algae production happen here in the US. I do have concerns, however, when I hear about government-funded algae reasearch projects being 'mothballed'. We want to create jobs and economic security in the US! - our membership does not want to be purchasing oil from other countries!"

In other news, NAA is proud to announce that it is launching a Virtual Algae Expo. "Traveling to conferences has become an expense, in dollars and time, that can be better utilized in our struggling economy," according to Cohen, "and traditional exhibit time at NAA conferences has always been minimal because of the quality and quantity of the presentations. Offering the first on-line expo exclusive to algae keeps us in the forefront of commercialization efforts by providing a virtual platform for algae growers, harvesting, extraction equipment and technology providers to all exhibit their products and services in one place."

NAA's next event, the ever-popular Algae Production Certification Program, will be held on October 22, 2011, at Lone Star College, The Woodlands, Texas. Participants will learn about algae cultures and strain selection, growing algae in ponds and in photobioreactors, harvesting and extraction methods, and the economics to make this emerging algae industry a profitable one.

by S. C.
23 august 2011, Food & Fun > Nature