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Turkish Airlines helps keep nation green

Turkish Airlines has partnered with the General Directorate of Forestry to plant a million trees in various forests in Turkey

A sapling will be planted for each child traveling on Turkish Airlines under the age of 2. By signing the protocol, THY is helping to ensure the health of Turkish forests for future generations. These "memory trees" will remind all citizens of the responsibility we have to be socially responsible with forest use.
General Director of Forestry, Mustafa Kurtulmuşlu thanked Turkish Airlines for its role in preserving precious natural forests through a program with children--those who will most benefit from their presence in years to come.
Turkish Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer, Temel Kotil, Ph.D. said; “I believe that, this cooperation and collaboration will make work more efficient and effective, enabling more people to enhance awareness of the importance of keeping nation green”.
Turkish Airlines’ passengers are now able to contribute this campaign launched under the slogan of “Join us with the planting of a sapling“ by sending SMS to 1923 for 5 TL (type THY).

by T N
07 may 2012, Food & Fun > Nature