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Carbon farming pioneer leads the way again

Not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet, has successfully registered the FIRST Carbon Sequestration and Forestry Right and Forest Carbon Right on title under the Climate Change Act 2011 (VIC).

In total, 122 ha of native revegetation is covered by the agreement, securing an anticipated 30,660 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the next 20 years* and protecting the forest and associated carbon for 100 years.

Greenfleet CEO, Sara Gipton commented “This is a groundbreaking development in sustainable land management. The ability to secure carbon rights for native forests gives investors confidence in the permanence of forest carbon and means there is viable a funding source to help revegetate vast areas of Australia’s degraded landscapes.”

“Biodiverse native forests, like those planted by Greenfleet, are obviously important for wildlife habitat but they are equally important for recapturing and storing greenhouse gases and building a natural resilience to climate change.”

“Greenfleet forests are funded by thousands of organisations and households around Australia, who choose to offset greenhouse gas emissions and take action on climate change. Securing carbon sequestration rights for our forests will provide additional confidence for these contributors and encourage more people to take action,” said Sara.

Landholder for the property, Paul Dettmann, has worked with Greenfleet over a number of years to revegetate several properties and supports the application to secure carbon rights on title.

“It is important for both the security of the carbon and the long term delivery of biodiversity outcomes that carbon rights are officially recognised on property title” said Paul.

In the coming months, Greenfleet will apply to secure carbon sequestration rights under the Climate Change Act for all eligible revegetation projects in Victoria.

by S. C.
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